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Antihero offers a new spin on the board game

Apple scores high on new EFF scorecard for User Privacy — For the past six years, the Electronic Frontier Foundation releases a scorecard for tech companies called Who Has Your Back? It evaluates each company’s commitment to protecting users when it comes to government requests for data. Companies protect users through technology, law, and corporate policies.This year, Apple achieved a score of 4 out of 5 stars. The one category that Apple didn’t receive a score in was Reform 702, which refers to Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, which is set to expire at the end of this year. Section 702 is the legal basis that the NSA uses for broad surveillance of electronic communications, and includes the controversial PRISM program.

As Apple preps VR support in High Sierra, Facebook slashes Oculus Rift price to US$400 in summer sale — Facebook has launched a six-week summer sale on the Oculus Rift headset, and while there is no official support for it from Apple, it can be used in conjunction with High Sierra and the SteamVR beta. The headset and set of two Touch controllers normally retail for US$500 for just the headset and US$100 for the controllers. The Summer of Rift promotion, launched on Monday, cuts this price to US$400 for the set.

iTunes’ share of video sales and rentals market reportedly in free fall amidst competition from Amazon, Comcast — Facing increased competition from the likes of Amazon and Comcast, Apple’s once commanding market share lead in the online video sales and rental industry has been more than halved, according to a new report. [I have Netflix but I still rent from iTunes, especially keeping an eye out for the cheap rental each week and other great deals.]

EverWeb, the leading website builder for Mac — Once upon a time, there was a Mac app developed by Apple that made creating beautiful and functional websites easy. Sadly, Apple dropped iWeb in 2011 [this is how I originally built Mac NZ too], leaving a lot of customers high and dry without an easy way to create and maintain their websites. Fortunately a Canadian company called RAGE Software stepped in with an app called EverWeb that not only provided the same ease of use as iWeb, but went far beyond iWeb in terms of capability. EverWeb is this week’s sponsor of Apple World Today – look at the features available in this powerful application.

Apple announces location of new $921 million iCloud data centre in Denmark — Apple has announced plans to build a new $921 million data centre in Denmark near the German border, its second in the country. it will be in operation by late 2019.

Apple’s retail stores in India may not open until 2020 — Apple may not open retail stores in India before 2020 even though it’s currently scouting for locations, according to The Economic Times. Why? The Cupertino, California-based company has yet to receive approval from the government for its retail foreign direct investment (FDI) plans, though such approval is expected, the article adds.

Antihero, a strategic digital board game, comes to the Mac — Video game publisher, Versus Evil, in partnership with independent developer Tim Conkling, have made the strategic digital board game, Antihero, available for macOS (and Windows).
Set against the backdrop of a gas-lit Victorian underworld, players assume the role of a Master Thief, and employ underhanded and ruthless tactics to dominate the city and outwit their opponents. The game includes a story-driven single player campaign and a Skirmish-vs-AI mode to help would-be thieves practice their skullduggery skills before going face to face with online opponents. A 10% launch discount is available to gamers who buy the game in its launch week. Afterward, the standard edition of Antihero will be available for US$14.99with a deluxe edition priced at US$19.99, including the complete game and its official soundtrack. The game is available from Versus Evil, the Twitch Store, STEAM, Green Man Gaming, and Gamer’s Gate.

Panolapse is effective time lapse software for macOS — Panolapse time lapse software for macOS boasts advanced features to support professional photographers. The program simulates camera motion using software-based perspective-correction. It also packs tools for deflickering, animating panoramas, and auto-exposure.
The free version of Panolapse is for personal use only, limited to 1280×720 output. RAWBlend is limited to 60 frames. Buying a license ($79.95 per installation) gives you unlimited resolution (4K and higher), unrestricted RAWBlend usage, commercial-use license, technical support, along with lifetime access to all future updates.


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Ouch! Market woes drive AAPL below $100 at today’s opening bell — A precipitous drop in the Chinese Shanghai Index resulted in markets around the world opening well below Friday’s closing prices. Shares in Apple opened below $100 at $94.87 before bounding back into safer territory. About one hour after the opening of the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ this morning, AAPL was hovering around the $104 mark.

CEO Tim Cook discusses Apple’s participation the US ConnectED program — There was talk that Apple would announce a new education initiative this week. However, the company is instead emphasizing its participation in the US ConnectED program. Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared in a pre-recorded segment on Good Morning America today and discussed this with co-anchor Robin Roberts.

It’s time to take Mac gaming to the next level — In an opinion piece for TechRadar, Matthew Bolton says “Macs don’t represent a great deal for someone who wants high-end gaming, but they shouldn’t be dismissed because of that. The range of games is already strong, and is only going to grow further – and you can run Windows for the rest.” Big games are coming to Mac more quickly, new indie games tend to hit Mac at the same time, and Mac hardware is looking better and better for gaming. He’s right, of course, but I’d love to see Apple make moves to improve gaming on our favorite computing platform.

EverWeb is a web-design app that plays nice — Every element of EverWeb’s simple interface is easily in reach when you need it, and out of your way when you don’t. The central layout window’s surrounded by your site structure on the left, a toolbar along the bottom of the screen, and a multi-tabbed Inspector pane for adjusting individual elements on the right.

Not vital, but Cockatoo offers a handy tool for controlling/accessing iTunes — If the iTunes Mini-Player option in iTunes doesn’t quite serve your iTunes management, Cockatoo from Intuitive Code might be for you. It lets you easily control the iTunes music player.