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Teardown, testing discover Apple made 2017 iMacs easier for users to upgrade — Apple has made its recently-released iMacs more easily upgradeable, with retailer OWC confirming the base specification 27-inch 5K iMac can be fitted with up to 64GB of RAM, while an iFixit teardown reveals both the memory and the processor used in the 21.5-inch 4K iMac can be removed and replaced.
The customary teardown from iFixit of the 2017 21.5-inch 4K iMac reveals that it too is capable of being upgraded, but not as easily as the 27-inch model. This is a “major win for upgradability” over previous models.
But the RAM is a confusing issue that Mac Observer tries to explain. But the other big surprise is that the Intel Kaby Lake architecture CPU isn’t soldered to the motherboard either. Instead, it’s seated in a standard LGA 1151 CPU socket, meaning the CPU could be upgraded without too much fuss and bother.

Inside macOS 10.13 High Sierra: APFS benefits end users with space, speed — Apple’s next-generation APFS has made its way to macOS High Sierra after an official debut on iOS 10.3, and with it comes essentially instant file copies, better efficiency for greater overall speed and fine-tuning of read and write operations boosting system performance.

GarageBand for Mac update adds Touch Bar support, more virtual drummers — Apple has released an update for GarageBand on Mac, adding Touch Bar support to the music creation software, with other additions including a design refresh to make the audio tool easier to use, three new drummers, and more drum loops to be added to a user’s composition.
Version 10.2 of GarageBand for Mac makes the MacBook Pro Touch Bar more useful for song creation, allowing users to navigate through a project’s timeline, and also play instruments, such as the drums or keyboard. The Touch Bar support arrives just under five months after the same feature was introduced to Logic Pro X in the 10.3 update.

European Union eyeing legislation to give police faster access to tech data — Reuters reports that the European Union wants legislation allowing law enforcement to access a suspect’s data straight from the tech company, circumventing going through the legal system – even when the request crosses country borders.

Global Delight unveils Boom 3D, a surround sound audio app for the Mac — Global Delight has unveiled Boom 3D, a next gen app that builds on Boom 2, its Mac audio enhancement tool. Powered by Global Delight’s patent-pending audio engine, it provides a virtual surround audio experience.
The app also includes handcrafted Equalizer Presets that can pump up any audio in the Mac, advanced Audio Effects and an Intensity controller to customize audio to suit individual listening tastes. Designed for macOS 10.10.3 and later, Boom 3D self-calibrates to the type of Mac it runs on to offer a personalized experience to the users, according to Jason Foodman, president of Global Delight. If you’re an existing Boom 2 user, you can upgrade for a discount off the standard price, so get 3 for about NZ$11 instead of US$16.99.

Samsung: $120 million fine in Apple battle changes patent law — Samsung continues to press the US Supreme Court to review a Federal Circuit ruling that it must pay $120 million for infringing Apple’s smartphone patents, arguing this week the lower court’s decisions in the case dramatically change patent law and will harm innovation, reports the Law360 website.
Meanwhile, Apple still has to pay WARF US$234 million for patent infringement.

Podcasts … Gruber’s Talk Show Live: iMac Pro, and HomePod and Mac NZ’s Mark too — Bryan Chaffin and Jeff share their takeaways from John Gruber’s Talk Show Live interview with Apple senior VPs Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi. They also discuss Apple’s newly announced iMac Pro and HomePod and explore how they’ll fit into our professional and personal lives.
And I did a podcast too, about the Apple releases, with Paul Spain’s NZ Tech Podcast with fellow guest Damian O’Carroll. Y0u can listen to it at that link or find it in iTunes under Podcasts.