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iCloud gets 2TB option, Dropbox hacked, Irish tax, Geekbench 4, camera blocker


Apple’s iCloud gets 2TB storage tier ahead of iPhone 7 launch — Apple quietly added a 2TB storage option for iCloud subscribers, doubling the previous high end tier. The company added the new level this week, leading to speculation that the company’s September 7th media really will include a new iPhone with 256GB internal storage. [To buy extra (you have 5GB free) storage on your Mac, open System Preferences, click iCloud, click the Manage button, then Buy More Storage and you’ll see the new 2TB storage plan for NZ$29.99 a month/US$$19.99 a month.]

Dropbox hack released details of more than 68M accounts, report says — Dropbox recently notified users of a potential forced password reset after its security team discovered a batch of account credentials believed to have been obtained from a known 2012 data breach. While the initial announcement failed to specify the exact number of impacted users, a report on Tuesday puts the number at well over 68 million.

Irish cabinet may get more time to decide on Apple’s tax appeal — Ireland’s cabinet may be given more time to decide on whether to back the finance minister’s recommendation that Dublin appeal the European Commission’s ruling against its tax dealings with Apple, reports Reuters. The EU-imposed Apple Irish tax bill could exceed $21.2B if appeal process fails.

Geekbench 4 Released for Mac, iOS, and Other OSes — Primate Labs has released Geekbench 4 for OS X (and for iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android) this week. Geekbench is a benchmarking app that will test your device and show how it compares to other devices. The new version includes a new interface, a new structure that allows more features on mobile devices, and new workloads (ie tests for CPU). [Geekbench is one of the few tools that leta you see how Apple device compare in computing power to non-Apple devices.]

Camera Guard for Mac OS X blocks webcam and microphone access — ProtectStar has introduced Camera Guard Professional 2016, a safety software solution for Mac OS X. It’s designed to make sure that no hacker, spy or malware can observe you or listen in on you. It normally costs €$29.90, but is being offered for €$19.90 in the first week of launch. There’s also a free version of Camera Guard available that offers protection of the webcam and safety information over access. [Scroll down on this page to find both version.)


Macworld/iWorld gone, Apple eggs benefit, Dropbox hacked, Mailbox, Irish tax, Xiaomi copies

Goodbye to the Macworld show. As soon as Apple stopped presenting at the show, its life was threatened
Goodbye to the Macworld show. As soon as Apple stopped presenting at the show, its life was threatened

IDG cancels Macworld/iWorld 2015 conference, says show ‘going on hiatus’ — On the heels of last month’s cancelation of Macworld’s print magazine, IDG announced on Tuesday that the long running 2015 Macworld/iWorld conference, formerly known as the Macworld Expo, has also been cancelled, marking the end of an era.

Apple adds egg freezing to women’s job benefits — Apple is offering a new job perk to the women on its payroll: the company will cover the cost of freezing their eggs. The iPhone and iPad maker will cover up to US$20,000 for the procedure, and will gladly do so for non-medical reasons.

Dropbox says it wasn’t hacked after 7 million alleged user credentials appear online — Hackers claim to have stolen a database of almost 7 million Dropbox log-in credentials, but the company says its service was not hacked and that unrelated websites are the data source. [What, those details freed themselves?]

Mailbox for Mac now available as a public beta to OS X owners — Dropbox-owned email service Mailbox today opened its Mac beta program, allowing anyone with a Mac to test-run the desktop email client.  Mailbox has an emphasis on productive management of your email. [One feels bound to ask ‘how secure is it?’]

Ireland expected to dissolve ‘Double Irish’ tax loophole benefitting Apple, others — After the European Union’s antitrust watchdog pressured reform, Ireland’s government is expected to announce changes to its tax residency policies, phasing out the popular multinational tax loophole employed by Apple [and others] to save billions of dollars. [About time.]

Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra rebuffs Ive’s assertion of ‘design theft’ — Xiaomi executive Hugo Barra (formerly of Google) said he’s “sick and tired” of hearing allegations that Xiaomi products are blatant rip-offs of Apple designs. That being the case, perhaps Xiaomi should stop releasing products that are eerily reminiscent – in innumerable ways – of established Apple devices, writes TUAW.