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iBooks updates, Dragon 5.1, Adobe and Metal, El Capitan, iClipboard, Microsoft jab


Apple updates iBooks app and iBooks Author — Apple has updated iBooks for Mac OS X (and for iOS) and iBooks Author for Mac OS X. iBooks is an ebook app that allows you to read publications purchased at the iBookstore. iBooks Author lets you create iBooks textbooks (as well as other types of books) for the iPad and Mac. With iBooks on iOS and Mac OSX, readers can now choose a new reading mode in iBooks called Gray which offers white text on a dark grey background. You can now read a book and browse the web in Safari side-by-side.

Dragon 5.0.1 review: speech recognition for the Mac gets improved accuracy, better interface — The only major player for OS X is Nuance’s Dragon (formerly known as Dragon Dictate). Now at version 5, Dragon offers some of the biggest changes since this software was first introduced, both under the hood and on the screen.

Adobe now says Metal support in After Effects ‘one possibility’ — Despite promises at this June’s Worldwide Developers Conference hosted by Apple, Adobe is now adopting an ambiguous stance on whether After Effects will support Apple’s Metal graphics technology. Metal is a developer API intended to allow better access to graphics processing hardware. Originally it debuted in iOS 8, but the technology is now on Mac as part of OS X El Capitan.

How to use Split Screen view in Mac OS X El Capitan — Mac OS X El Capitan has a new Split View that automatically positions two app windows side-by-side in full screen so you can work with both apps without distraction. It uses every pixel of your Mac display, so you may wish to give it a try. Also, Secure Empty Trash is gone.

iClipboard — Chronos’ iClipboard version 5.0 is one of those Mac utilities that offers a function Apple should have built into Mac OS X a long time ago (or so thinks Dennis Sellers)  the ability to cut, paste and manage multiple clippings. With it, you’re not limited to pasting only the last thing copied to the clipboard.

Microsoft exec jabs at Apple, tweets drawing of ‘converged’ toaster and refrigerator — Just before his company’s Surface Pro 4 event, the head of Microsoft’s Windows division took a shot at Apple, recalling disparaging comments its CEO Tim Cook made about “converged” devices like the Surface tablet a few years ago. [Sigh – is it back to the bad old days already?]