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iPhone 7 sales, laps Note 7, display, dunk test, cellular glitch, lots of the new features in iOS 10

(Image from Apple NZ's iPhone 7 page.)
(Image from Apple NZ’s iPhone 7 page)

iPhone 7/7 Plus adoption rate looks similar to that of previous models — During the first weekend of sales, the iPhone 7 grabbed 1% of the device market share, while the iPhone 7 Plus accounts for .2%. That’s about on par with the adoption rate of earlier Apple smartphone models, according to Localytics.

iPhone 7 laps Galaxy Note 7 — The iPhone 7 goes all the way through the test suite twice before the Galaxy Note 7 finished the first ‘lap’. At least the Galaxy Note 7 didn’t explode during testing…

The iPhone 7’s sleeper hit feature is its display — The iPhone 7 still has an LCD display, but it’s better by far than most of the competition. “It is by far the best performing mobile LCD display that we have ever tested, and it breaks many display performance records,” DisplayMate President Dr Raymond Soneira wrote in the shoot-out report published Monday.

Deep water testing of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 (7 is better) — YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has made a wildly popular video (over 1.5 million views) showing just how waterproof the newest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S phone are. The results are incredible, with both phones surpassing their IPX7 (iPhone 7) and IPX8 ratings. The two phones are put into a hole-riddled paint can, then lowered into the Columbia River for 5 minutes at various depths.
If you don’t want to watch it all the way through, the iPhone 7 did survive at 35 feet (10m) for 5 minutes, although it had a bit of water damage. The Galaxy S7 did not survive. [So the 7 is faster looks better and is more waterproof. And doesn’t catch fire.]

Apple is investigating an iPhone 7/7 Plus issue involving loss of cellular service/Airplane Mode — Apple is investigating an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus issue that can result in the loss of cellular service after turning off Airplane Mode on the devices, according to internal documents obtained by MacRumors.

Settings in iOS 10: every notable change you need to know — Once you upgrade to iOS 10, take some time to peruse the Settings app to tweak your device to your liking. Heres how to enable ‘Rest Finger to Open’ in iOS 10, 23 things you can do in iOS 10 that you couldn’t do before, and finally, how to use the ‘People’ feature of iOS 10 Photos, everything that’s new in Messages.

Art Text 3 by BeLight Software annoys yet delights


BeLight seeks odoo delight with this software, and largely succeeds. Art Text 3 is a display text editor that comes with a variety of presets (22 – Cheese, Chocolate, Donut, Lava, Fire, Metal, Road for example) and while it has enough of a selection to get you started (in fact, to get your mouth watering) and even a Sample Browser of more complex products.

The effected type is displayed centrally and you can spin it through space in 3D mode by selecting it and dragging up, down and around – you can’t edit this directly, you click the central display text to edit and a little notepad area appears at top right.
A fine typographer’s tool this is not – it’s for large-point-size display text, and while that might seem like a gimmicky approach, it’s refreshingly well done with a huge range of possible transformations once you have chosen a preset. But you can kern (manipulate the space between the letters) to some extent, make text left- or right-flush or centred, although to change a type attribute (font, size of a word etc) you have to select it at top right and invoke the OS Fonts dialogue (Command T).



Patience — With some patience, it’s possible to get really sophisticated visuals thanks to layering and a great depth of tools and features. The presets might amount to populist blunt instruments, but since their creations are almost infinitely customisable, they’re handy starting points.
Choosing the right typeface for a look is important, and the presets manage to combine typefaces very well with the effects – that’s good design. And just changing the typeface on a preset display text is interesting, although I managed to crash Art Text doing this. Fonts have long been a potential source of crashing, and repeated changes (through the Mac OS Type dialogue that appears with Command T).

A few glitches — My MacBook Pro is three years old now, but still a mean machine with a fast i7 CPU and 16GB RAM, plus SSD storage. Despite that, there were a few staggers when Art Text tried do something – it could hang for a second or two. Another one was after my screen went to sleep, Art Text did something odd to the selected text when I woke it up, and this happened repeatedly. If I closed the window or quit and reopened it, all was good; this may have been something to do with it not handling my two-monitor setup. An update, during the review process, to 3.0.1 solved some of the lagginess, but perhaps even the display problem as I couldn’t get that to replicate. So good work, there, BeLight.
Interface-wise this software could do with some streamlining, though. To get to the Sample Browser, you have to click the button on the launch screen – but if you tick the box to no longer show that dialogue at startup, it’s in the Window menu. Making layers is via a menu (the Layers menu) and you can make them 2D or 3D, and then to manipulate them you have to choose the right Content panel from the View menu; these four options (Templates, Images, Shapes and Layers) are also represented as icons you can activate at the top of the right-hand area. Then you get the layers showing up in a list on the right. Also, you only get to set the resolution of the artwork when you export; I suggest in the meantime making the artwork as big as possible in the central artboard area until that point, for maximum flexibility with your finished art.


Conclusion — It might be a bit of a mission, but this software rewards exploration and the results can be very slick, thanks to layers and an impressive array of tools and textures.
What’s great — Persevere and you’ll end up with some amazing headlines and logos.
What’s not — Quirky interface needs some patience. Slightly buggy; save as you work.
Needs — Those who make headlines, logos and display text.

What — Art Text 3, US49.99 (NZ$74.99 in the Mac App Store) upgrade from a previous version for US$29.99 (about NZ$48)
System — Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.
Available from — Online only, from BeLight Software and from the Mac App Store.

Lots more information about iPhone 6, Apple Watch; Apple Pay, Lightning headphones, picTrove

Apple expects Watch users will need to charge it nightly
Apple expects Watch users will need to charge it nightly

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: what you need to know — Macworld has a good overview, TUAW explains about how many more pixels they have, the Mac Observer has a hands on to help you choose, AppleInsider explains how the bigger phones have been designed to be used one-handed, and has also created a printable iPhone 6 pre-order picker can help you choose the right size model.

Apple Watch users will need to recharge nightly — Apple is still working to improve uptime before launch. But Apple expects people to charge it nightly, suggesting the battery life will offer about one day of operation. Macworld has three Apple Watch features that will make you think differently about smartwatches, and also has a What you need to know, plus 5 things the Apple Watch can do, and 5 things it can’t.
And the Apple Watch isn’t waterproof. All the Apple Watch promotional videos are now viewable online. There’s more on battery life plus the important fact (for me anyway) that Apple Watch does support left-handed use. Apple didn’t offer specifics, but it appears as if left-handed use will be supported via a setting.

Parody Apple Watch vid — A parody video at YouTube details Apple’s ‘Pleasantly Plump Little Electronic Watch‘.

Apple to collect swipe fees from banks for Apple Pay transactions – report — [No real surprise but] Apple’s new Apple Pay system has the potential to become a huge revenue driver, as the iPhone maker has reportedly reached agreements with its partner banks to take a cut of the revenue earned from so-called “swipe fees” when consumers make purchases through the platform.

Philips announces Fidelo M2L, the first-ever Apple Lightning headphones with 24-bit DAC audio — The first-ever Lightning-connected headphones for iOS devices are coming from Philips, offering 24-bit digital to analog conversion thanks to the use of Apple’s proprietary connector. [Sound quality promises to be excellent over Lightning.]

picTrove free — picTrove Pro 1.8.14 (US$9.99, iOS Universal) is free this weekend (Sat 12 – Sun 13 September) to promote the launch of TraversienT Inc’s new app picTrove 2 Pro ($4.99, iOS Universal).