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OS X: El Capitan’s deletion of ‘Repair Disk Permissions’ could impact you — Apple’s next version of OS X El Capitan uses something called “System Integrity Protection” to prevent the alteration of critical system files. As a result, scripted installers and even privileged admin users can no longer change those UNIX file permissions and then modify them. This should make El Capitan more stable and secure. So, while “Repair Disk Permissions” is gone, that also creates an important issue for users: software upgrades.

Dozens of projects that let you do real science on your Mac — Computers can be powerful tools when their collective computing capacity is aggregated on a network. If you’re interested in exploring how you can contribute to important causes with that Mac sitting on your desk, here are dozens of science projects that could benefit from the gigaflops of computational power you’re currently using for kitten videos.

How to find Photos’ image files in the Finder— While Photos stores original images just as iPhoto did, as well as modified versions and thumbnails, it’s more cautious about letting you get to them. If you import images into Photos (Preferences>General, and Copy Items to the Photos Library is checked next to the Importing label), then you can’t easily get to the original file in the Finder, but it is still possible.

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Its Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day in the US.
Its Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day in the US.

Apple site honours Dr Martin Luther King Jr — Today, in the United States, the memory of civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King Jr is being celebrated and honoured. Apple’s main US  website provides a tribute to Dr King on this day (above), with the home page given over to a portrait of the eloquent orator and advocate for peace and justice.

Goodbye Privacy: White House Sides with UK, wants backdoor to your encrypted data — President Barak Obama has officially come out in support of UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s push for backdoor government access to private encrypted data, and even went so far as to suggest US companies that offer ways to decrypt user data are patriots. The President’s comments follow Mr Cameron’s push for government access to encrypted emails, and text messages, and it signals a serious threat to our personal privacy.

Unlocking Disk Utility’s hidden secrets — One of OS X’s most versatile utilities is Disk Utility — a tool not only used for formatting and managing a variety of storage devices, but also employed for fixing damaged volumes and performing the ever-so-common “permissions fix” routine. These features are relatively apparent, but the program does have some often overlooked options that can be useful. [I tell you how to look after your Mac with Disk Utility under Help, above.]

Option Key — Christopher Phin runs through the options of the Option and other modifier keys in this Macworld article.

Citing US and European trade sanctions, Apple severs developer agreements in Crimea — Apple has begun notifying registered developers in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea that their Apple developer agreements have been terminated, effective immediately, and they may no longer sell through the App Store as the company works to comply with trade sanctions leveraged following Russia’s annexation of the region.