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(Image from NOE)
(Image from NOE)

Mobile games generated more than twice as much as home console games last year — Mobile app data and insights company, App Annie, and the International Data Corporation (IDC) research group have unveiled a special joint report entitled, Gaming Spotlight, 2016 Review. The report analyses the mobile video games market in 2016 from several vantage points and puts it in a broader, global gaming industry context. Spending on iOS games was significantly higher than the Google Play total.

App automatically notifies people of your trip progress — I’m Coming is a GPS-based app that automatically sends updates to people letting them know how far away you are. If you’re driving across country to visit your family, I’m Coming notifies the people you designate on your progress, meaning no texts to and from you are required while you’re driving.
Your family doesn’t have to bug you or wait for you to let them know where you are. Or, you’re driving across town for an important meeting. Same thing, rather than (illegal) texts in the middle of city driving, I’m Coming will notify your peers. This app was developed by Don Kimenker – long-term Mac fans might remember him as the publisher of MacAddict magazine. The app is a free download, but some features require an in-app purchase of US$2.99.

iTunes Remote app gets two-factor authentication support — Apple released a new update for the iPhone and iPad iTunes Remote app on Thursday that adds two-factor authentication support when signing in to Home Sharing. The 4.3.1 update enhances security when remote controlling iTunes on our Macs because who decides which songs we listen to is seriously important.

Stanford’s ‘Developing iOS 10 Apps with Swift’ is free on iTunes U — iTunes U pushed a version of Developing iOS 10 Apps with Swift. The free iOS tutorial series from the Stanford School of Engineering has been updated for iOS 10 and the current version of Swift. Reader Rick Allen turned me onto this release, calling it, “a great and free resource,” which seems like a great reason to pass it on. Reviews on iTunes are overwhelmingly good, too.

Apple: iOS 10.2.1 fixes bug causing some iPhones to experience — Apple says an iOS point update (10.2.1) that was released last month includes a bug fix for an issue causing iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus device owners to experience unexpected shutdowns.
In a statement provided to TechCrunch, Apple says that the iOS 10.2.1 update has resulted in an 80% reduction of unexpected shutdowns on the iPhone 6s and a 70% reduction of unexpected shutdowns on the iPhone 6.

Turn Siri into a metronome — Drummer Richy Ramirez posted a video to Instagram where he used Siri as his metronome. Actually, he used her as both metronome and backing track. It’s clever and entertaining.

How to cancel an App Store subscription using your iPad or iPhone — If you’ve subscribed to a service such as Netflix or Spotify through the App Store, and are now looking to terminate your subscription, it takes just a few simple steps to cancel. AppleInsider shows you how.

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Apple debuts Arabic, British English and Italian Smart Keyboard layouts — Nearly a year after Apple introduced the US version of its Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, the company on Tuesday expanded the accessory lineup to include international layouts supporting Arabic, British English and Italian.

Watch CarPlay Siri read every iPhone Emoji — Watch CarPlay Read Every iPhone Emoji was produced by Motor1.com (via The Next Web). One person sent another person a text message using every emoji in iOS 9.x—all 1064 of them. Then CarPlay in what looks like a Honda read that text message. And when Siri is reading emoji, she reads the name of that emoji. Put it all together, and you get this 29 minute and 27 second video.

Dropbox’s Paper collaboration platform goes into open beta, gets iOS app — Dropbox on Wednesday launched the first open beta of Paper, its Google Docs-like Web collaboration platform, simultaneously releasing companion apps for iOS and Android.

The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course for US$25 — Complete iOS 10 Developer Course features 30 hours of content, including 217 lectures. You’ll learn SiriKit, Messages, Maps, all with new features for developers in iOS 10, as well as an in-depth look at the rest of the operating system. You can get this course through this Mac Observer deal for just $25.

France’s Molotov TV comes to the Apple TV — Molotov TV, a popular Netflix alternative in France which combines live and on-demand viewing, has launched on the Apple TV, notes 9to5Mac.

The best second-screen apps for watching the 2016 Olympics — 
Enhance your viewing experience with behind-the-scenes video, athlete’s social feeds, and more.