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iPhone video with 8 times the resolution, 8 times the quality, 8 times the detail thanks to this app
iPhone video with 8 times the resolution, 8 times the quality, 8 times the detail thanks to this app

How your iPad can keep school kids on track — The right iPad apps let teachers create dazzling lessons, quickly update parents, and stay organised without going crazy.

Scare yourself silly with iOS horror games discounted for Halloween — Save some money while you get spooky and scary with these popular horror apps, which have been discounted just in time for the October holiday.

Vizzywig 8xHD price tag now a very affordable US$49.99 — Until a few months ago, your choices for shooting 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video were to use a dedicated, very expensive, 4K video camera or DSLR. Then in September, developer Michael Zaletel and his company i4Software released Vizzywig 4K, a US$999.99 UHD app that used an iPhone 5s and a tweak on burst mode to capture 4K video.
The app has now been given a US$49.99 price tag (that’s NZ$64.99 for us). It’s also been given a new name –Vizzywig 8xHD (pictured above) –to reflect the fact that each video frame captured by the app contains more than eight times the number of pixels as 720p video.

Xpress Yourself is a wonderful way to talk with friends — Xpress Yourself is a chat app in an already crowded field. However, TUAW finds it’s a very polished, fun app providing a full suite of features and then some. In addition to the usual text and photo capabilities, it also adds the ability to draw on pictures, send video and audio, and provides the capability of sending ephemeral messages that expire after 3 to 9 seconds never to be seen again. It’s free.

An iOS app predicts your death thanks to HealthKit data — Apple’s latest push is to make you as healthy as possible – or at least give you the tools to do so – but a new app will read your newly available HealthKit data and use it for a more sinister purpose: predicting your death. The app is called Deadline, and it uses health statistics, along with your own personal readings to make an educated guess on when you’ll meet your demise. [Yikes! Gives Halloween a new shade of macabre.]