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MacBook Air EFI update reissued, InDesign 2014, Ember & Shazam for Mac

Shazam is now available for Mac, free
Shazam is now available for Mac, free

Apple reissues MacBook Air EFI update after resolving install, crashing bug — Apple just rereleased a recent MacBook Air EFI update targeting sleep-from-wake problems after a flawed initial rollout caused some machines to crash unexpectedly. Noting the change from the original build it replaces, Apple’s EFI firmware update is labeled version 2.9.1 and looks to fix sleep-from-wake issues seen by owners of mid-2011 MacBook Air models.
Apple’s MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.9.1 is available now as a 4.3MB download.

InDesign CC 2014 — InDesign’s new ePub tools opens the digital book market to a giant new group of authors, and improvements to often-used features in InDesign will ease the workflow of a large number of design…  See Macworld’s review.

Ember for Mac gains ‘hugely-requested’ screen recording feature — Popular web clipper and digital scrapbooking app Ember was updated today with a killer new feature – the ability to make a video recording of your screen. No longer limited by only static images, Ember now allows you to capture your screen as you demo webpages, click through a presentation or showcase an app.

Apple activates in-house content delivery network, begins migrating content downloads — Following months of rumours, Apple appears to be in the early stages of launching its own in-house content delivery network, the latest in a series of steps taken by the company in recent years to reduce its reliance on third-party infrastructure vendors to deliver content to customers.

Shazam lands on the Mac with new menu bar utility — Shazam is now available on the Mac, landing in the Mac App Store (free) as menu bar app. Announced today, the new utility identifies music and TV playing in your surrounding environment, notifying you when it has made a match.