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Green Cook, next-gen USB, Mac anti-malware 2015, and Conan parodies the U2 giveaway controversy

Fast and reversible, with video – the USB we've always wanted
Fast and reversible, with video – the USB we’ve always wanted

Apple CEO Tim Cook shares ‘optimistic’ views on reversing climate change & selling green products to consumers — Taking part in the Climate Week NYC kickoff on Monday, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook expressed a self-described “optimistic” outlook on his company’s ability to affect climate change, saying that he believes that consumers, when given the choice, will do the right thing and buy green products.
[I feel like this Mac News section could almost be called Cook News these days!]

Next-gen USB 3.1 Type-C connector will support DisplayPort, 5K video output — The new USB 3.0 reversible Type-C connector (above) will also support DisplayPort Alternate Mode with screen resolutions of “4K and beyond,” the standards setting group behind the technology announced on Monday. [Finally, a totally sensible connector!]

McAfee announces 2015 editions of its antivirus and security suites — If you’re still paying for your desktop security suite, you’ll be happy to hear that McAfee on Monday released the newest editions of its security suites. The new lineup includes McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2015, McAfee Internet Security 2015, McAfee Total Protection 2015, and McAfee Live Safe 2015 for Mac and Windows. [Phishing is the biggest threat to Macs.]

Conan’s “documentary” about Apple’s U2 removal program is incredible — The public reaction to Apple’s giveaway of U2’s latest album was decidedly mixed. Some people were excited to find the new album in their iTunes account, while a large contingent of users either didn’t want to hear it or found the way the giveaway was handled an invasion of privacy.
From the Great U2 Controversy of 2014 comes a short ‘documentary’ of sorts from the parody factory at TBS’ Conan. Apple’s U2-Removal Service goes the extra step in making sure you forget every aspect of hearing the new U2 album, even if it means rewriting your brain. Enjoy. (And here’s Bono’s comeback, if you’re interested.)