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Clips is here, frenemy OLED, Malwarebytes, Microsoft collaborative iMessages

Clips arrives for iPhone and iPad — Apple has released Clips, the new app that allows iPhone and iPad users to create “expressive videos.” It lets you combine video clips, photos and music into videos to share with friends through the Messages app, or on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.
Clips also introduces Live Titles, a feature that lets users create animated captions and titles using just their voices. Effects including comic book filters, speech bubbles, shapes and full-screen animated posters.
Clips is now available on the Apple App Store for free. It’s compatible with the iPhone 5s and later, the new 9.7-inch iPad, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad mini2 and later, and iPod touch 6th generation. Devices must be running iOS 10.3 or higher. The app is 64-bit only, suggesting the end of 32-bit device support since it requires iOS 10.3 which in itself runs on 32-bit devices —but the app doesn’t run at all on the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPad 4.

Apple signs contract with its frenemy for ‘iPhone 8’ OLED screens — Apple has reportedly signed a two-year contract with its frenemy Samsung for up to 92 million curved OLED panels for the upcoming ‘iPhone 8,’ according to DigiTimes.
Based on the contract, Samsung Display will ship 70-92 million small-size OLED panels to Apple in 2017. This means that about 30% of iPhone devices shipped in 2017 will come with curved OLED panels, given that Apple currently ships about 200 million iPhone devices a year.

Malwarebytes: New iOS ‘malvertising’ pushes ‘free’ VPN app — Malwarebytes Labs reports that it’s discovered a new scareware campaign targeting iOS users. The campaign pushes a ‘free’ VPN app called My Mobile Secure via rogue ads on popular Torrent sites.
According to Malwarebytes Labs, the page plays an ear-piercing beeping sound and claims the device is infected with viruses. Tapping the Remove Virus button opens the Apple App Store to download the app … and that’s when things really go downhill. [Clever, since VPN is widely touted as a good way to keep your iDevices ‘safe’. As I’ve said before, the only real way to get malware onto an Apple device is to get tricked into installing it yourself. And this usually happens via sites and links that tell you there is a virus on your Apple device – no, there are not.]

Microsoft’s new iOS 10 iMessage App Who’s In lets groups collaborate on plans — Microsoft is expanding its presence on Apple’s iOS 10 messaging platform with a new iMessage App designed to allow groups to search for movies, food, events and other entertainment options and vote on what to do. Over the past few years, Microsoft’s has decisively backed Apple’s iOS as a mobile platform for its software, ranging from games to creative apps to Office productivity titles.