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Laptop ban off, working faster, Chinese tip functions

(Image from EasyAcc)

US and EU reject expanding laptop ban to flights from Europe — US and EU officials have decided against a ban on laptops and tablets in cabin baggage on flights from Europe. But after a four-hour meeting in Brussels to discuss the threats to aviation security, officials said other measures were still being considered.

Work faster on Mac — Although Macs have improved immensely since 1989, some things about using them haven’t changed much. So, many of the tips, techniques, and shortcuts discussed in Dr Macintosh way back when are still valid today and appear in Working Smarter for Mac Users.

Apple orders Chinese social networks to stop ‘tip’ functions that break App Store rules — Apple is reportedly cracking down on social networks in China providing payment services between users, ordering the creators of popular messaging apps to disable ‘tip’ functions in order to comply with App Store rules, in what may be a move by Apple to try and increase revenue from in-app purchases.