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Macs bought from Apple, Lyft investment, Chicago Store, LandingZone Dock, archiving Mail messages

(Image from the NZ online Apple Store)

CIRP: four in 10 Macs are purchased directly from Apple — New data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners  shows that four in 10 Macs are purchased directly from Apple at either the company’s online store or one of its many brick-and-mortar retail outlets.
“The entire retail experience and operation was originally designed to educate customers about Mac computers at a time when they needed to compete with Wintel PCs,” says CIRP. “That experience and operation has of course evolved, and yet Apple stores and Apple.com has persisted as the leading seller of Mac computers.”
[I buy all my Macs this way, as I can configure each order – even a 27-inch iMac arrived fine all the way direct from Shanghai.]

Echoing Apple’s $1B investment in Didi Chuxing, Alphabet sinks $1B into Lyft — In a deal that values Lyft at $11 billion, Google’s parent company Alphabet has invested $1 billion into the ride sharing service, more than a year after Apple placed its own $1 billion bet on Chinese taxi provider Didi Chuxing.

Apple Michigan Avenue opens Friday on Chicago’s riverfront — Apple has previewed Apple Michigan Avenue, its newest retail store, creating a new connection between North Michigan Avenue, Pioneer Court and the Chicago River. Intended as a gathering place for the local community, the store will host year-round Today at Apple programming, building on Chicago’s city-wide initiative to enliven the Riverwalk. To celebrate the opening, Apple Michigan Avenue will host The Chicago Series, a month-long set of events that will provide attendees with the tools to pursue their passions, from photography and music to coding and app design.

Hands-on: LandingZone’s Docking Station grants plethora of USB ports to MacBook Pro with Touch Bar — LandingZone’s new USB 3.1 type-C Docking Station for the 13- or 15-inch 2016 or 2017 MacBook Pro doesn’t cut corners and gives multiple USB ports and a SD card reader back to the user. To attach, you line up a Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro with the two USB-C ports on the left and one on the right, and push a lever on the back of the Docking Station to completely make the connection.

Archiving Messages from Apple Mail  in macOS — Melissa Holt wrote a tip about how to archive your messages out of Apple Mail using the Export Mailbox option in 2014.
That still works (as long as you’re aware of the caveat at the end of this article), so if you’re looking to clean up your Mail program, go check it out. However, there’s one piece of it that needs an update. As it turns out, Apple has now hidden the Export all subfolders checkbox under a button, and if you aren’t paying attention, you could end up deleting critical info! Here’s how it works now.