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Changing to High Sierra, Safari, iMovie and Final Cut, ShutterFly and Mimeo

Preparation Guide For macOS High Sierra Installation — Here’s everything you need to know before upgrading to macOS (10.13) High Sierra. macOS  upgrades usually go fairly smoothly, but it’s always wise to take a methodical approach.
Day One Decision: the first step in this process is to decide if you even want to upgrade on the day High Sierra is released. On the plus side, you’ll be taking advantage of all the security upgrades at the earliest opportunity. On the other hand, it’s often wise to monitor the situation to see if there are any grave issues cropping up.
[My advice after upgrading is to always open the Utilities folder i n the Applications folder – or Go menu in the Finder>Utilities – launch Dick Utility, choose the Mac’s internal hard drive on the left, click the First Aid tab, run First Aid, wait for it to finish, restart the Mac. This seems to head off all sorts of potential problems.]
Here’s list of which audio apps are compatible [I notice Avid and Pro Tools aren’t supported, and this policy of slow upgrades is what got me to switch to Logig nearly a decade ago].High Sierra will perform an EFI security check every week. This will compare your Mac’s EFI firmware against a database of known good firmware. Apple will do this to make sure your Mac hasn’t been tampered with.
Some have been disappointed that the new Apple File System (APFS) wouldn’t be implemented on traditional hard drives or Fusion Drives (which is what my iMac has). [From what I understand, High Sierra will work fine on these Macs, it just doesn’t change the file structure … yet.] But there’s good news. Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, asserts APFS would be coming to Fusion drives in an upcoming High Sierra update. According to Apple, APFS features strong encryption, space sharing, snapshots, fast directory sizing, and improved file system fundamentals.

Safari’s Javascript engine much faster, accursed autoplay videos (mostly) killed — While marquee features like APFS have stolen most of the spotlight, Apple has implemented significant improvements to Safari with the goal of making a user’s time with it easier, and less annoying. [So I can start visiting the Macworld accursed autoplay video site again!].
Apple’s Safari applies differential privacy to ferret out problematic websites in macOS High Sierra.

Apple updates iMovie for Mac with HEVC support — Following the release of maOS 10.13 High Sierra on Monday, Apple has updated its consumer level video editing tool, iMovie, with support for High Efficiency Video Encoding, a tentpole video feature introduced alongside the company’s latest hardware and software releases. The latest iMovie for Mac brings the editing app up to speed with macOS High Sierra and iOS 11, both of which rely on HEVC to compress ultra high-resolution video into manageable chunks.

However, Final Cut Pro X is still waiting for H.265 HEVC support — Apple’s newly released macOS 10.13 High Sierra operating system supports H.265 video playback, but users looking to cut HEVC video from iPhone 8 on Final Cut Pro X will have to wait for an update.

Apple updates iBooks Author with wide colour gamut support, easier Photos imports — Apple has issued a free update to iBooks Author, its tool for building interactive e-books viewable on Mac and iOS devices – its first such update since 2016. Images can now make use of the wide color gamut found on recent Macs, iPhones, and iPads, Apple said in iTunes release notes. Apple has also made it possible to import images and videos from Photos via the Media Browser or drag-and-drop, and it has had various speedups. [iBooks Autho 2.6 is not yet available in New Zealand, but I expect it will show up today.]

Shutterfly, Mimeo announce integration with macOS High Sierra’s Photos app — The new Shutterfly extension for Photos allows users to create, customise and purchase Shutterfly photo books without leaving the app. Users can also begin creating a photo book within Photos and then complete it on Shutterfly.com. Users can find and install the Shutterfly extension from within the MacApp Store, or from within Apple Photos for macOS.
Mimeo Photos is a new photo project extension. Itempowers hobbyists and professional photographers to create high quality photobooks, cards and calendars from directly within the Photos app on the Mac. After installing the Mimeo Photos project extension from the Mac App Store, customers can build their projects directly in Photos for macOS.