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Apple Event invite for 9th September
Apple Event invite for 9th September

Apple Issues Invites for September 9th Media Event — Apple has issued invitations to the press for a media event on September 9th. Titled simply “Wish we could say more,” the invitation features little that anyone will be able parse for hints of what’s coming. Below is the invite received by TMO. [Let the careful analysis of the image and words begin!]

Bioshock, one of the best shooters of all time, hits iOS — The lines are blurring between AAA console and mobile game development. It’s not happening in great volume just yet. Now there’s Bioshock for iOS. It’s NZ$18.99.

Why old iPhones become sluggish over time — Batteries do wear out over time. Apple rates iPhone batteries at 400 full charge cycles before they lose 20 percent of their original capacity. So if you fully discharge and recharge your phone every day, in a little over a year it will only be capable of providing 80 percent of its power, and in a couple years it will probably be down to 50 percent capacity.

Shoot your way through the beautiful void in Spaceborn — Spaceborn is a beautiful, yet challenging shooter set in space. You navigate a spaceship between obstacles, avoiding enemy fire while trying to get as far as possible in each run. There is a lot of trial and error in this shooter as the difficulty vary in each run. Your spaceship shoots at enemies automatically which helps you focus more on the avoiding enemies and obstacles part of the gameplay. Spaceborn is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.1 or later and costs NZ$1.29

Soccer coach app — FuteNotes app is intended to be used by local youth soccer coaches or parents assisting the coaches but could also be used by fans who like to track their favourite professional teams. It’s for iPad only at NZ$3.79  [I’m a coach – for me the NZ season ends tomorrow!]

BioShock for iOS, iOS 8 s5, kids and typewriters, Kindness tracker

Kids react to typewriters
Kids react to typewriters

The original BioShock is coming to iOS this summer — 2K just announced it’s porting the original BioShock to iOS devices, with a release ” later this summer.” In other words, approximately six years after we first heard BioShock was coming to phones. The port is being handled by 2K China; the same team that brought XCOM: Enemy Unknown to iOS last year. TUAW also has some thoughts on this.

Apple seeds fifth beta versions of iOS 8, OS X Yosemite to developers — Apple has made iOS 8 beta 5 available to registered developers, bringing bug fixes and stability improvements to the company’s next-generation iOS.

Kids React to a Typewriter: ‘Thank God we have iPads now” — The Kids React video series by The Fine Bros on YouTube is always great for a laugh or two, and whenever a piece of retro technology pops up on the show, it inevitably gets compared to an Apple product. Today’s “Kids React to Typewriters” episode is no different, and the youngsters interviews just can’t believe that anyone would have bothered to use such a cumbersome typing device, comparing it to an iPad and a MacBook along the way. (The video is also embedded at TUAW; that’s a frame above.)

Kindness tracking app — Doing a good deed is always a good thing. If you want to share those charitable moments with others and encourage them to do the same, there’s an app for that.
Ripil is a kindness tracker that allows you to list the good deeds that you do in order to improve your kindness score. You can create your own deeds or use Ripil’s suggestions if you need some inspiration. The app tracks your deeds and provides an optional map view so you can see where you performed your random acts of kindness.