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Bank drops anti-ample prophet, another Flash security update, Message commands


Apple doomsday prophet dismissed by Berenberg Bank — Berenberg Bank analyst Adnaan Ahmad has been dismissed after three years of predicting doom for Apple, reports FORTUNE.
Three years ago he set a split-adjusted price target of $60 a share and five months later flipped the stock’s rating from ‘buy’ to ‘sell,’ the article notes. This spring, with the iPhone 6 selling like hotcakes and the stock trading above $124, Ahmad raised his target (to $85) but not his rating. “We sense that the company is over-earning, over-loved and, in our view, the stock should be ‘over-and-out’ soon,” he wrote to clients. [This was clearly his view – or at least, his wish.]

Adobe rolls out another critical Flash Security Update — Adobe released an update for Flash on Tuesday with patches for what it called critical issues. Like so many other flaws Adobe has already patched, those addressed in this update could let attackers remotely take control of your computer. See Adobe’s Security Bulletin.

The /me Command is supported in Messages for Mac — There’s one IRC command that has gained life outside of IRC, and that’s the /me command. It turns whatever follows into an action rather than a normal line of text (main picture, above: ‘Mark Webster asks Mac NZ to respond’) and you can find it in games, all manner of texting apps, and even Apple’s Messages app, at least on the Mac. Bryan Chaffin explains.