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Apple World Today Video Tip is a quick look at photo editing in the iOS Photos app — The iPhone is a wildly popular camera, but not many people know that they can use editing tools available in the included Photos app to adjust and annotate their photos. In this video tip, we’ll show you how to bring up the editing tools, use some of them (including the new Markup tool), and even revert to your original unedited photo.

iOS 10.3 resolves 911 issue — Apple’s iOS 10.3 update, released last week, has reportedly resolved a 911 flaw. At issue was an iPhone feature allowing users to click on a phone number to immediately start a call.
The update requires you to now always press a 2nd confirmation. In October 2016 a teenager allegedly designed code that would cause iPhones to repeatedly dial 911. The code went viral, and teenagers all over began using it as a prank, overwhelming 911 call centers in numerous states.

How to securely back up your iPhone or iPad to iCloud or iTunes — It was probably prudent to make a backup of all of your iPhone’s data before the shift to APFS with iOS 10.3 was applied, but fortunately it all went okay — but what if it hadn’t? In celebration of Backup Day (which was last week), AppleInsider shows you how to back up your iPhone or iPad.

Twelve South AirRings for AirPods: Turning tech into fashion accessories — Twelve South is always at the cutting edge of tech design, and now the Apple-only accessory company is merging fashion and hi-tech with its first product for Apple AirPods. The new AirRings for AirPods transform AirPods into earrings.