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Apple explains 3D Touch, probably the best reason to get a 6s, in this cool new video.
Apple explains 3D Touch, probably the single best reason to get a 6s, in this cool new video.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus set new launch weekend sales record — Apple says it’s sold more than 13 million new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models just three days after launch. That’s a new record, beating the 10 million units sold in the launch weekend of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. And it’s not just a great phone, it’s a great camera/camcorder.  iPhone 6s, 6s Plus will ship to Russia, Ireland, Spain & 37 more countries on October 9th.

Apple explains 3D Touch with a cool video — 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is a really cool way to make things happen without needing to drill down through lots of menus, or in some cases, without even opening an app. It’s like a hyper-contextual menu (ie, like a right-click or Control-click in Mac OS). Apple figured that might be easier to explain with a demonstration, so the company put together an awesome video showing some of the ways 3D Touch can help you out.  [To me, although it’s a feature that’s easy to overlook, it’s the single biggest reason to get a 6s.]

Over 50% for iOS 9 adoption — Since iOS 9 launched on September 16, analytics firm Mixpanel has been closely monitoring the adoption rate of the new OS by checking the version of devices running apps with Mixpanel’s tracking code. Today, just 12 days after the launch of iOS 9, the new mobile operating system is running on 52.33 percent of all iOS devices.

Apple makes it easier to upgrade to iOS 9 with automatic overnight updates, smaller files — In a bid to drive the already-impressive iOS upgrade rate even higher, Apple has brought a bit of OS X to iOS 9 with a new automatic installation option that will let iPhones and iPads update themselves – at a convenient time for the user.

Apple brings IFTTT-like functionality to HomeKit with Event Triggers — With HomeKit-compatible accessories finally hitting the market, Apple has added new capabilities to its home automation platform in iOS 9 to make smart bulbs, locks, and garage door openers easier to manage and more powerful — including the ability to define IFTTT-style event chains with new Event Triggers.

How to use Time Travel in watchOS 2 — WatchOS 2, the upgrade of the operating system for the Apple Watch, adds a Time Travel feature. Nope, no Back to the Future or Looper possibilities here. But you can scroll with the Digital Crown to explore events in the future (and past).