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The Apocalypticon ~ Let’s go to Siberia, Zuckerberg grabs, assorted catastrophes, assorted craziness

Moving to Siberia — Unchecked climate change could make Siberia an oasis capable of sustaining a up to nine times more people in some locations, according to new research. [Here, of course, we have Invercargill.]
So do we all owe Al Gore an apology? [I don’t, I always knew he was right.]
Canada to ban plastics — Canada will ban many single-use plastic items by 2021, including bags, straws, cutlery and stirring sticks, to cut harmful waste damaging the country’s ecosystems.
Americans may be ingesting thousands of microplastics every year — Americans consume between 74,000 and 121,000 plastic particles annually (and that’s likely an underestimate).
But Circulate Capital, the investment management firm that incubates and finances companies involved in plastic waste management in South and Southeast Asia (SSEA), has announced a blended finance partnership with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to combat ocean plastic pollution.
Hydrogen explosion — A hydrogen refuelling station exploded in Norway and the company operating the station has suspended operation at its other locations following the explosion. Now, Toyota and Hyundai are both halting sales of fuel cell vehicles in the country.
Fix — But finally, there’s apparently a climate change documentary that will get you excited to fix it.

Zuckerberg up for grabs — After years of struggle, a man Mark Zuckerberg supports secured a series of disputed properties that lie within the bounds of Zuckerberg’s vast estate in the northeast corner of Kauai in Hawaii. [He’s rich so he gets what he wants.]
Emails dish dirt on Zuck — Facebook Inc. uncovered emails that appear to connect Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to potentially problematic privacy practices at the company, according to people familiar with the matter.
Deep Fake Zuckerberg — Mark Zuckerberg is famed for looking and acting like a (slightly damp) synthetic being trying to infiltrate human society … so the new Deep Fake of him is uncannily accurate.
Facebook shareholder revolt gets bloody — Powerless investors have voted overwhelmingly to oust Zuckerberg as chairman.
YouTube says it’s ‘too hard’ to ban LCBQT harassment — “I know that the decision that we made was very hurtful to the LGBTQ community,” Wojcicki said. “That was not our intention and we [are] really sorry about that.” Now YouTube’s LGBTQ and allied workers are mobilising to demand a satisfactory response.

Speaking of surveillance — As you shop, ‘beacons’ are watching you using hidden technology in your phone. InMarket tracks 50 million Americans per month.
Russia banning VPNs — Russia is getting closer to implementing the sort of internet regulations that exist under the Great Firewall of China.

In other assorted catastrophes — A 5-year-old has died in Uganda as Ebola spreads from the Democratic Republic Of The Congo.
Nowhere near as news-worthy, but measles is spreading in the US — The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday that 1001 cases of measles have been reported so far in the US throughout 2019.
Boeing wanted to wait three years before fixing the Max — Boeing Company planned to wait three years to fix a non-working safety alert on its 737 Max aircraft and sped up the process only after the first of two deadly crashes involving the planes.
A swarm of meteors is coming — A swarm of meteors heading towards Earth could have the potential to cause a catastrophic impact, a new study from Western Ontario University says.
The Gulf Of Mexico’s ‘Dead Zone’ could balloon to over 20,720 square kilometres (8000 square miles) this summer.
Trump wants to limit aid for low-income Americans — NPR takes a  look at his proposals.

Assorted craziness — Soccer spy app: Spain’s data protection agency has fined La Liga, the nation’s top professional soccer league, 250,000 Euros (US$406,633) for using the league’s phone app to spy on its fans.
Icelandic tap water is a national resource — Iceland is now touting its tap water as a delicacy for tourists and locals alike.
Trump’s most hated journalists speaks — As the most visible reporter to regularly spar with the president, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta is a disputed icon. Trump has called Acosta a “rude, terrible person” and “fake news.” To many on the right, he represents deep media bias; to some on the left, he represents media pushback against Trump’s frequent lies.
Acosta recounts in his new book, The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.
InfoWars must pay Pepe The Frog creator $21,500 and never sell Pepe merch again.
Drunken Japanese drone-flyers beware — Operating a drone in Japan while drunk could lead to a year in prison thanks to new legislation.
No pizza for Queen Lizzy — An unnamed Domino’s employee was reportedly stopped by armed guards at Buckingham Palace and caused a bit of a security kerfuffle as he attempted to deliver four large cheeseburger pizzas for “Elizabeth.”

Good news! John Dean, the man whose cool, calm and controversial testimony in the Watergate investigation began the public demolition of President Richard Nixon, has now set his sights on Trump [finally!].
Russian investigative journalist Ivan Golunov is now free, after Russia’s Internal Affairs Ministry said it would drop drug charges [which appear trumped up] against him.
iPhones to block robo-calls — A recently announced iPhone feature arriving with iOS 13, however, might help quiet some of those unknown callers by kicking them straight to voicemail.
Heathrow has got rid of two steps in  security checks! Yay!