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Lots of new Mac games appeared in March
Lots of new Mac games appeared in March

A quick April Fools’ product roundup — Some of the manufacturers and developers that Apple World Today works with have a good sense of humour, “so we thought we’d share some of their April Fools’ Day goodies.”
[My effort appeared on iStart, insisting Apple was going to patent the letter A.]

UK enacts new tax to cope with companies like Apple, Google diverting profits overseas — A new tax in the UK directly targets companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google, which have been accused of shifting profits overseas to avoid paying taxes in countries where they nevertheless do business.

Inside Force Touch: Apple’s new ‘force click’ action opens up new possibilities for the Mac — The new Force Touch trackpad found on the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro and upcoming 12-inch MacBook features an entirely new method of input, activated by applying additional pressure to the trackpad. AppleInsider offers a closer look at how force click works, and what new possibilities it opens up for OS X.

Dolby VP Mike Rockwell Jumps Ship for Apple — Apple has yet another new executive on its payroll, and this time it’s Dolby executive vice president Mike Rockwell. He joined Apple in February as a hardware division executive.

A month of Mac gaming to savour — March’s selection of intriguing new releases serves as a testament to how strong Mac gaming has become. It’s a wide selection of experiences spanning a nice array of genres: city building, role-playing, strategy, simulation, action, puzzle, and more. And what’s especially great is that almost every game on this list launched at the same time as on other platforms—waiting for ports is much less of a concern on Mac these days.

Jeff’s Comprehensive Mac Backup Guide — Today is World Backup Day. “My data backup routine is made up of multiple strategies: on sight and off site; hourly and daily. Here’s how it all comes together.”

Nifty MacBook Air drive — Finally, you can add storage to your 13″ MacBook Air without an eye-sore drive tainting your Apple aesthetic. Nifty comes with 4GB of storage, but also lets you slip in your personal micro-SD card to add up to 128GB of space. It blends with your Mac’s colour, texture, and shape so seamlessly, you may just forget it’s there. [Hope it comes to NZ!]

Apple’s Lisa Jackson talks environmental regulations, global carbon footprint at WSJ conference — Apple’s head of environmental efforts, Lisa Jackson, addressed a variety of issues, including the company’s relationship with federal regulators and its global carbon footprint, in a new interview.

iPad falter, light trails with iPhone, April Fools Siri prank

With the right apps, you can get longer shutter times than iPhone's slowest 1 second.
With the right apps, you can get longer shutter times than iPhone’s slowest 1 second.

John Martellero thinks he has the real reason iPad sales are falling — “Apple’s iPad sales started out growing like gangbusters. It looked to become a major product line alongside the iPhone. But then, in the last year, sales have faltered. Various reasons have be put forward: update cycles, the popularity of phablets, and so on. But the real reason goes much deeper.”

How to create light trail photographs with your iPhone — Light trails can be created on bright sunny days as well, and that opens up a world of possibilities, writes Vern Seward. [It’s down to apps that let the shutter stay open longer than a second.]

April Fools Day Siri prank you can play — My kids love to play with Siri on my iPhone. They are always changing my default name to some oddball phrase or asking Siri to “Tell them a story.” For April Fools’ Day, I decided that I am going to prank them by changing Siri’s voice and language. It takes less than a minute to change those attributes, and you’ll get a good laugh when you watch the bewildered responses of your familly members. Follow the steps in today’s 60-second tip, so you can be armed and ready for the prank fest that is April Fools’.