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New Betas, iOS 11 Beta 4 changes

Fourth public betas of iOS 11, tvOS 11 — Apple has issued a fourth public beta of iOS 11, available to anyone with a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Also out are fourth public betas of tvOS 11 for the Apple TV. The iOS 11 update should be an over-the-air download for users of the third public beta, or available fresh by enrolling in Apple’s Beta Software Program. As with the fifth developer seed, the Messages in iCloud feature, which syncs conversations between devices, should be missing, but Apple has promised to restore it in a later update.

Video tour of changes in newest iOS 11 Betas — Cult of Mac and YouTube channel EverythingApplePro have released videos highlighting the changes between iOS 11 beta 4 and 5. I thought I was quick to update. These guys must have been up all night comparing the two versions of the beta software. Let’s take a look at what they uncovered in iOS 11 Beta 5.

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Drake has released a short film as an Apple Music exclusive
Drake has released a short film as an Apple Music exclusive

Apple continues to lead in personal computer satisfaction — Customer satisfaction with personal computers halts a three-year slide, according to new data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The ACSI Household Appliance and Electronics Report 2016 includes desktops, laptops, and tablet computers, as well as household appliances, televisions and computer software. With its Mac, Apple remains the overall leader in the personal computer industry, unchanged at 84.

Apple to reveal fiscal Q4 2016 earnings on October 27th — Apple has announced it will report quarterly earnings for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2016 on October 27, to be followed by a live-streamed conference call on Apple’s investor website.

Pay what you want for an award-winning Mac bundle — The Mac Observer’s Award-Winning Mac Bundle is 13 Mac apps: Drive Genius 4, The Hit List, DeltaWalker 2 Pro, Nisus Writer Pro, Aurora HDR, WinZip 5 Mac, VPN Forever: 3-Yr Subscription, Project Planning Pro, Letter Opener for macOS Mail, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, Screen Grabber Pro, eXtra Voice Recorder, and PhotoStitcher. That’s a quality list of apps (and services). Pay anything, even a penny, and you get three of them. Beat the average price — US$11.12 and rising as of this writing — and get all 13. Beat the leader’s price, and you’ll earn an entry in an iPhone 7 giveaway. You can read all the details on the deal listing. [To even get Nisus and Aurora for cheap is very worthwhile – they’re top quality products.]

How to set up Universal Clipboard for your Mac and iDevices — iOS 10 and macOS Sierra support a new feature called Universal Clipboard that lets you copy text or graphics on one device and paste them into documents on another. It really is as simple as copy-and-paste — assuming everything is configured correctly. Read on to learn how to make sure you’re set up to use Universal Clipboard.

Using Tapback in macOS Sierra: Messages — If you’ve been having fun playing around with the so-called Tapback feature in iOS 10, with which you can long press on a message to give it a heart, say, or a thumbs up, you can do some of the same things in Messages. Here’s how.

Nvidia may be working with Apple on graphics for ‘revolutionary’ new Mac products — Though Apple’s current Mac lineup relies on AMD graphics, a switch to Nvidia could be in the works for the MacBook Pro and beyond, if new job listings from the GPU maker is any indication. [Fingers crossed this is true, then.]

Typeeto is a free Mac utility for sharing your keyboard with other devices — With many keyboards, you have to un-pair from the Mac, then pair with the new device. Want to type on your Mac again? Un-pair from the device, then pair with the Mac again. Eltima Software has a great solution in the form of a free utility for Mac called Typeeto that makes it simple to use a Mac keyboard with an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android device, you name it, and switch between devices in seconds.

Drake debuts new short film as Apple Music exclusive — Mainstream rapper Drake on Monday released a 23-minute film, Please Forgive Me is an Apple Music exclusive, further cementing his close business ties with Apple.

Apple reveals algorithm behind Apple Music mixes, execs discuss past and future of service — Mixed in with the usual PR speak and promises to make Apple Music the most accessible, consumer-friendly streaming service available, Apple executives in a wide-roving interview published Monday hinted at the development of exceedingly advanced personalised playlist algorithms.

iCloud Photo Sharing, My Photo Stream, apps for Mac power users


iCloud Photo Sharing vs My Photo Stream: do you need both? Apple offers iCloud Photo Sharing and My Photo Stream on its various Mac OS X and iOS devices. Do you need both? If not, which one is best for you? Apple World Today tries to simplify matters. With My Photo Stream, you can access the recent photos that you take with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on your Mac and PC as long as you have iCloud set up on all of your devices. Photos are stored for 30 days. To save or back up your pics, you have to save them from My Photo Stream to your iOS or Mac OS X device.

Mac power suers Finder replacement (free) — Despite many improvements over the year, most radically with OS X in 2001, the core functionality of Apple’s Finder remains largely the same, despite efforts to improve upon the experience even today. Commander One is a Mac application written entirely using Apple’s new Swift programming language that provides an alternative to the Finder.

TopXNotes is the Mac OS X tool for ‘power user’ note takers — Tropical Software developed TopXNotes, an US$39.99 note pad utility for the Mac, for power note-takers.  With Tropical Software’s solution, notes can be as long as you need want, and you can customise the style, size, color and highlight color. My favorite feature is QuickNotes, where you can tag any note as a “QuickNote” and have it accessible without having to bring TopXNotes itself to the front of your work screen.

App developer pays off parents’ house, apps, developments and smartness

App turns your mobile device into a simultaneous interpreter
App turns your mobile device into a simultaneous interpreter

iOS app developer gives parents the best Christmas gift ever — iOS developer Joseph Riquelme gave his parents a folded note containing one of the best gifts ever: their house. Riquelme shared a photo of the handwritten gift, which simply said “Your house is paid off. Merry Xmas.”
In a touching video posted to YouTube, Riquelme documents the gift giving and his parents emotional reactions.

Retro is the iPad app Instagram users need — Popular social network Instagram has yet to develop a universal or iPad optimised app for viewing and managing an account. That leaves Retro for iPad as the best option right now for managing Instagram on the big screen.

 Basic iPhoneography workflow tips— There are two major task to any workflow; tagging and storing. There are many options in each and Vern Seward goes over some, but there’s no way for to include them all.

Class action lawsuit filed against Apple over large iOS storage requirements — Apple is facing a newly-filed class action lawsuit which alleges the company doesn’t properly warn customers about the storage requirements of for iOS 8.

Taiwanese regulators clear Apple, other smartphone makers of violating data privacy laws — Taiwan’s National Communications Commission on Wednesday announced a conclusion to its probe regarding methods by which certain smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone, transmit personal data, ultimately finding that none of the 12 companies investigated breached local privacy laws.

Translator Speak and Translate Free gives you  simultaneous interpretation — Translator Speak and Translate Free (free) is a universal iOS app that translates spoken language bi-directionally in 66 languages (main image, above). The app automatically detects the spoken language it hears and then provides translations. The app uses the Microsoft translation engine — in my experience the Google engine is a bit better. The paid version of the app allows you to use either Google or Microsoft for translation.

Swiss Watchmaker Montblanc Announces eStrap Smartstrap for Mechanical Watches — Montblanc has announced a wearable computing option for mechanical watch owners. Being launched initially for the Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed line of watches for 2015, the eStrap includes an OLED screen and various fitness-related sensors.

Tunity turns iPhones into personal TV headphones — The Tunity app allows users to listen to muted TVs through their iPhones with or without headphones. Users will find a number of uses for the app but John Emmert envisions it working well when at a sports bar with a number of televisions tuned to a variety of sporting events but no sound. The universal app is free and and works best with an iPhone. It requires iOS 7.0 or later. [NB, it only works in the US, from my trials.]

Auto-update, your new Mac, apps, photos and more

Here it's a bright, clear day in New York, but I'm back in a few days so most Mac NZ services should return to normal
Here it’s a bright, clear day in New York, but I’m back in a few days so most Mac NZ services should return to normal

Normal transmission — Will resume(-ish) from Tuesday 30th December when I’m back in Auckland; between then and now I’m travelling but these items should help keep you entertained and informed till then.

NTP bug fix was Apple’s first ever automated security update — On Monday December 22 (US time), Apple released a new security update fixing security issues affecting NTP (network time protocol) in OS X. Updates are common occurrences for any computer user, Monday’s update was a first for Apple – it was the first time the company pushed out an automated security update to its users.

The first 10 apps to install on your brand-new Mac — As a nearly 30-year veteran of Mac ownership, Glenn Fleishman has 10 solid suggestions to make your life better by shaving off the little irritations that remain in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and in Apple’s bundled software. [For the record, I don’t agree with Launchbar. New Mac owners are bewildered enough by the Dock as it is – Launchbar just adds to the confusion. But that’s just my opinion as a 26-year Mac user.]

iCloud Photo Library, Photo Stream & how to make sense of your photos — Taking the place of Photo Stream next year, Apple’s iCloud Photo Library will consist of a brand new photo app for Mac and a new way to sync photos across all your devices. [Apple actually added to the confusion on this rather than simplify.] Stephen Robles explains.

How to create artistic prints in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements — Printed images make the perfect, yet personal, last minute gift. In this column you’ll learn how to spice up your prints in Photoshop and Elements by adding a painterly edge or by creating a digital matte with text underneath it. Both techniques are fabulous for framing your own prints, too, whether they’re destined to hang on your own walls or those in a gallery.

Five great tools for supporting your family’s computers remotely — And lo, did the good people of the world return home, to celebrate Christmas and perform heroic acts of tech support. We’ve all had to do it, whether for a newly received gift or one from last Christmas that never quite got figured out. Since you (probably) won’t be moving closer any time soon, you need some good remote support tools, and we’re here to help you find them.

How to stay connected in unconnected places — Many of us whizz our way to the relatives’ for the holidays, carrying with us a plethora of electronics

Holiday deals on apps, games; Moga full-size iOS games controller

A full-size iOS games controller gets a good review (picture from Apple Insider)
A full-size iOS games controller gets a good review (picture from Apple Insider)

Holiday app deals bring deep discounts on Infinity Blade Trilogy, Fantastical, more — As brick-and-mortar shops in the US (and a few here) welcome an onslaught of holiday shoppers looking for the year’s best savings, purveyors of digital goods are also offering deep discounts and promotions for their wares. There are loads on that link, including Geekbench, WALTR, Infinity Blade, Red Giant and others, including some freebies.

Moga Rebel iOS gaming controller for Apple’s iPhone & iPad — Moga’s new full-size Rebel Bluetooth gaming controller is the best iOS-compatible controller AppleInsider has tested yet, successfully helping to bridge the gap between powerful home game consoles and mobile devices like both the iPhone and iPad. It costs US$79.95; it’s not in our Apple Store online yet.

LA drops iPad order, iTunes Festival, iOS 8 for business, rice and iPhone rescue, Windows and iPhone, Google apps,

iTune sFestival added to Apple TV
iTune sFestival added to Apple TV

Los Angeles doesn’t want $500 million worth of iPads now — A US$1 billion plan to give every student in the Los Angeles Unified School District an iPad, while beefing up the district’s internet capabilities and other infrastructure, is now dead, according to the LA Times. The deal would have started with a US$30 million purchase of tablets from Apple, which would have grown to roughly $500 million worth of iPads as the program expanded.
The reason for the change is twofold: First, the district decided iPads weren’t ideal for purpose, and second, and most damning, was a disclosure by LA Unified’s Superintendent John Deasy that revealed an uncomfortably close relationship between Deasy, his staff, and the companies that would have benefited the most from the deal – Apple.

Apple adds Showtime Anytime, iTunes Festival channels to Apple TV — Apple has added two new channel options to its set-top streamer, bringing on-demand Showtime Anytime from the cable network as well as a dedicated channel for the upcoming iTunes Festival in London. The band deadmau5  will open the Festival, and Mary J Blige, Tony Bennett and others have been added to the bill.

The top iOS 8 features for business users — You can always tell when the tech world is waiting for an important Apple announcement – loads of lists appear.
Apple’s iOS 8 is set to bring several new features, including its HealthKit and HomeKit platforms, to the iPhone and iPad. Many of the advances are consumer-oriented and focused on creating a seamless experience across iOS devices and Macs running the forthcoming OS X Yosemite.

How not to use rice to save your iPhone — Rice can indeed dry out your iDevice if it ends up taking an unexpected tumble into a pool, pond, or – tech gods forbid – toilet. That being said, this is not the way to do it. Leave your device off for as long as possible, and certainly until you’re confident there is no more moisture left inside the device.

Researchers: iPhones, iPads connected to Windows PCs are at risk — Attackers could compromise iPads and iPhones on a large scale through the infected computers that make up botnets, researchers say.

Google bolsters iOS productivity suite with Slides, updates to Docs and Sheets — Google has released presentation app Slides alongside updates to existing iOS apps Docs and Sheets, offering a free Web-connected alternative to similar productivity suites from Microsoft and Apple.

Teach organic gardening to kids — Get those green thumbs ready with Gro Garden (NZ$3.79, universal), an educational app that helps budding explorers discover organic gardening in a creative and competitive way. Did you ever trick your kids into eating their veggies by sneaking the ingredients into some yummy home-baked cookies and brownies?

Best educational apps for primary schoolers — It’s that time of the year again when parents, teachers and students start thinking about heading back to school. If you have an iOS device, you can supplement your child’s education and stimulate them to get involved with quality educational iOS apps. Here are some of the best titles for children in the middle school-aged group.

Office for iPad gets PDF export ~ Indiegogo, Wikipedia, Waze, apps ~ false alarm ~ Wanderlust 3 ~ Percentage Calculator

Office for iPad gets PDF export
Office for iPad gets PDF export

Office for iPad updated with PDF exporting, flick gestures — Microsoft updated its three Office for iPad apps — Word, PowerPoint, and Excel — with new features including PDF exporting, presentation views, and even a new flick gesture.

Indiegogo and Wikipedia release new iOS apps, Waze adds updated voice guidance — Crowdfunding site Indiegogo on Thursday unveiled an iOS app that allows users to back projects on the go, while internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia launched a ground-up rewrite of its own native app and crowdsourced traffic information app Waze issued an update featuring improvements to its voice guidance system– it’s all on Apple Insider.

Emergency app triggers panic after false alarm warns of impending quake — Just after noon on Monday, thousands of Mexico City residents evacuated their office buildings and filled the streets thanks to a warning from the SkyAlert emergency app. Now the company behind the app is doing its best to apologise for the false alarm.

Wunderlist 3 makes many nice improvements — Dave Caolo at TUAW finds that Wunderlist, the cloud-based, task- and project-management solution from Germany’s 6Wunderkinder, available for iOS, OS X, Kindle Fire, Chromebook and the web, finds good new features and trouble for some.

Percentage Calculator does the math so you don’t have to — Percentage Calculator is one of those utility apps that you don’t realise you need until you need it. The app is not your typical calculator with a numeric keypad and operators. Instead, it’s a formula tool that lets you calculate interest, percentages, loan payments and more. Percentage Calculator supports 13 languages and a variety of currencies. It’s free and works with both the iPhone and iPad.  [I got it.]