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DaisyDisk 4 attractively displays your files to aid you gain back space
DaisyDisk 4 attractively displays your files to aid you gain back space

Apple World Today on how to protect your data — By most accounts Mac OS X and iOS are safer operating systems than Windows or Android. However, a dubious report from GFI (a company that makes “IT solutions that enable businesses to discover, manage and secure their networks” ) in April claimed that OS X and iOS are the “most vulnerable” operating systems.
Whether Apple makes the most or least secure operating systems, there are good reasons to protect your data from loss and from prying eyes. The best way to accomplish the former is simply to back up your data to external hard drives (at least one of which you keep somewhere other than your home or office), as well as having a “cloud” backup. When it comes to backing up to external drives, the Time Machine feature in Mac OS X makes it simple and easy.

How to Force Quit an OS X App Showing a Spinning Beachball of Death — From time to time, an app may lock up with a spinning beachball of death. That’s Apple’s colorful cursor (which gets an attractive redesign on El Capitan, btw) that just keeps on spinning, indicating an unresponsive process. Because you have no control of the cursor to activate a Force Quit or launch Activity Monitor, it’s necessary to invoke a keyboard command. Here’s a handy trick.

Attractively show files and space — DaisyDisk (NZ$12.99, free trial available) is a Mac OS X utility that does one thing well. DaisyDisk scans all disks attached to your Mac, displaying large files in a gorgeous “daisy-like” fashion and then lets you pick and choose which ones to delete to make more room. Today, DaisyDisk 4 hit the App Store, and Apple World Today looks at the new version.

iShowU Studio for OS X is an intuitive screen casting tool — iShowU Studio (US$79) lets you quickly record your Mac’s screen. You can capture videos, then edit them by adding text, annotations, pointers and highlights. Though it’s aimed at the consumer and beginner prosumer market, it shares a lot of the same features of the iShowU HD and iShowU Pro apps, including camera capture, keyboard/mouse compositing, and upload services to YouTube and Vimeo.

Judge Koh Slams Attorney Fees in Apple Anti-poaching settlement  — Judge Lucy Koh approved the US$415 million settlement Apple, Goole, Intel, and Adobe proposed in the anti-poaching lawsuit brought against them by Silicon Valley employees. She gave the deal a thumbs up on Wednesday, but with a twist that no doubt left the attorneys in the case disappointed: they’re getting half as much money as they expected. [Go Koh!]

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Apple World Today, an Apple news site, is struggling and asking for financial help
Apple World Today, an Apple news site, is struggling and asking for financial help

Apple CEO Tim Cook makes surprise appearance at Cisco’s annual sales conference — In the wake of Apple’s newly announced enterprise partnership with Cisco, Chief Executive Tim Cook appeared onstage at Cisco’s annual “GSX” Global Sales Experience in front of 20,000 employees to discuss the news.

Future iMacs may have more glass in their design and illuminated, wireless keyboards — Future iMacs may sport glass in the rear as well as for a display cover. They may also sport illuminated, wireless keyboards like those on Mac laptops. [They may hover over your desk and dispense coffee …]

Apple World Today needs help — [This site evolved out of the excellent TUAW.] We really need for just about everyone who reads this site to make a pledge for continuing, monthly support of Apple World Today. Here’s what we posted on Patreon yesterday afternoon.

How to hide purchased books from iBooks— Once you obtain a book from Apple, it’s forever in your iCloud account. It will follow you to the end of time, like a cloudy spectre of words. But while it remains in your account, you don’t have to see it and there are two ways to work around it.

9 apps in another bundle — Nine top-rated apps made for Mac users by Mac users, this bundle (which individually would add up to US$554) benefits every corner of your machine from photo editing to task management for US$40.

How to manage the secret software Google Chrome installs on Your Mac — When you install Google Chrome, you’re not just getting a browser. Google’s automatic update software gets installed behind the scenes on your Mac, without your consent. This how-to explains why it’s there, how to manage it and how to delete it if you don’t need it. [The best is my approach – if it’s by Google try not to touch it with a barge pole, thanks to Google’s cavalier attitude towards your privacy.]

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Some TUAW staffers are moving to a new site called Apple World Today
Some TUAW staffers are moving to a new site called Apple World Today, live from our NZ February 10th.

Mysterious Apple van fuels speculation about self-driving car or Maps overhaul — Apple might be taking a page from Google’s roadmap, if a camera-equipped Dodge Caravan spotted driving around the Bay Area is any indication. The vehicle reportedly has ties to an Apple project, but no one knows exactly what those cameras are for.
San Francisco TV station KPIX captured the van driving around the town of Concord this week. All the California Department of Motor Vehicles would say is that Apple had leased the vehicle. Two guesses: Apple is finally improving its native Maps app with Google-style Street Views, or the company is developing its own self-driving cars.

Oscar winner Alex Gibney bringing new Steve Jobs documentary to SXSW Film — Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney will premier his latest project, a feature entitled Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine that chronicles the late Apple CEO’s influence on the modern world’s relationship with computers, at the annual South by Southwest film festival next month.

TUAW says ‘So long, and thanks for all the fish’ — TUAW is being archived by its parent company AOL. The 10+ years of content that our talented team of writers and editors have crafted are due be folded into our sister site Engadget, where you’ll be able to check out the archives. Some TUAW people are moving to a new site called Apple World Today [thank goodness].

How to deal with two Apple IDs …well, kind of — Christopher Breen writes that Apple does not allow you to consolidate two Apple IDs. A couple of years ago there was some talk of this as an upcoming feature, but it didn’t materialise. Rather, Apple embarked on its Family Sharing effort, which isn’t the same thing. Here are your options.