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More details on iOS 10, EarPods, Apple Watch S2 better and PowerReserve

Tiny DAC converters in Apple's EarPods
Tiny DAC converters in Apple’s EarPods

Inside iOS 10: 3D Touch enhances Apple’s quick Control Center shortcuts on iPhone 7 & 6s series — Apple’s force sensing 3D Touch technology is greatly expanded in the newly released iOS 10 update, adding new capabilities to the Control Center shortcuts for flashlight, timer, calculator, camera, and smart home accessories. In addition, Control Center marks the only place in iOS 10 where Apple emulates 3D Touch on non-3D Touch devices.

Teardown finds DAC chips in Apple’s Lightning EarPods & Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter for iPhone 7 — As anticipated, a teardown of Apple’s Lightning EarPods and Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter, both included with the iPhone 7, has discovered small digital-to-analogue converter chips, though their exact supplier remains a mystery. [The quality of these DAC chips is crucial to good sound in digital audio.] Apple’s Lightning EarPods do sound better than the legacy 3.5mm headphone jack, according to AppleInsider, but Apple is working on fix for a iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods remote control issue.

Apple Watch Series 2 is a major step forward — Dennis Sellers has  now spent a weekend with an Apple Watch Series 2 (42mm black aluminum with a black Sports band). It takes some great steps forward, but isn’t yet the perfect watch for this runner.

How to use Power Reserve on your Apple Watch — The Apple Watch has a nifty Power Reserve feature that lets you continue to tell time while preserving your battery life. The smartwatch will automatically enter Power Reserve if the battery gets too low, and you might see a red lighting bolt next to the time. However, you can enable the reserve feature manually.