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Apple goes to space in first iPad Pro ad, touts split screen multitasking & Apple Pencil — Ahead of Apple’s iPad Pro preorder kickoff on Wednesday, the company released a new TV spot highlighting the advantages of a gigantic touchscreen, including split screen views in iOS 9 and Apple Pencil markup support.

tvOS 9.0.1 update for Apple TV is released — Apple today released the first software update for tvOS, taking the 4th-generation Apple tv to version 9.0.1. Apple didn’t supply release notes for the update, so it’s unknown for sure what was in it. Generally early updates of this type include “bug fixes and performance enhancements.”
This Macworld slideshow shows you some tips and tricks if you have an Apple TV 4 already.

Apple shares dive on rumours of weak iPhone 6s demand — Investors sent Apple stock sliding on Tuesday following reports that the Cupertino company may have been forced to dial back orders for its new flagship handsets due to lower-than-expected demand.

Adobe Photoshop Fix review: serious image retouching goes mobile — Nearly three years ago, Adobe launched Photoshop Touch, initially an iPad-only mobile version of the company’s legendary desktop image editing software. iOS users could manipulate layers and other familiar tools for the first time with multi-touch to create or tweak artwork and photos using only their fingers. Now, in addition to larger resolution images and iOS 9 Split View multitasking, Fix also supports Apple Pencil for more precision painting and other adjustments not possible with fingers alone.

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The Retina 5k iMac (image from Apple Inc).
The Retina 5k iMac (image from Apple Inc).

Apple shares reach new peak as company gears up to pay investors $2.8 billion in dividends — Apple shares reached a new all time high of $108 for the end of October, less than two weeks prior prior to the company’s quarterly dividend distribution date.

Why iMac is 5k, not 4k — The  new iMac with a 5K Retina display, boasts of an impressive 14.7 million pixels packed into the 5120×2880 matrix. Why did Apple choose this novel 5K resolution over a myriad of standard 4K? Dr. Ray Soneira of DisplayMate, who provided a simple explanation: video editing. The resolution is geared towards the videographer who can take advantage of the extra screen real estate when working with 4K video streams.

Microsoft says new Office for Mac due in 2015, unveils new Outlook app — It’s been four long years since Microsoft released the last version of Office for the Mac, in 2010. And it will be one more before the next version arrives, Microsoft said Friday. But at least there’s a new version of Outlook.

Users report slow Wi-Fi, dropped connections after upgrading to Apple’s OS X Yosemite — Apple’s new Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite, appears to have bugs related to Wi-Fi connections, with users reporting slow transfer speeds and dropped signals after upgrading.

AfterShot Pro 2 from Corel is a competitive Mac photo manager — Corel’s latest Mac OS release, AfterShot Pro 2 (currently on sale for US$69.00) is hard to quickly characterise. It combines elements of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard hands-on: Solid, but not quite universal — Microsoft’s US$80 Universal Mobile Keyboard continues its tradition of excellence with a well-thought-out design incorporating a hardware switch to reconfigure the keyboard for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Look closer, though, and what Microsoft bills as a “universal” keyboard simply doesn’t deliver, because it doesn’t support Windows Phone.

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails ‘flattered’ to be working for Apple — In an interview with Billboard magazine, Reznor said that working for Apple was, “unfamiliar and it’s kind of everything I asked for.” He added, “and the bad thing is it’s everything I asked for.”

Droplr is back with new features and Yosemite support — The Mac application is back with a spanking new interface and new features that are likely to appeal to people who share screen shots, screen videos and files.

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YosemiteTransparency Apple to Shareholders get 47 Cents — Apple shareholders’ dividend this quarter is US$0.47 per share, according to company CFO Luca Maestri .

Photoshop CC 2014 review: Image editor gets new time-saving features — Even after all these years, Adobe continues to add new features to its venerable image and photo editor that make it easier to get your work done. Adobe added some incredibly practical features to Photoshop CC 2014, especially for productivity. Time-savers include smarter smart guides and smart objects, updatable Layer Comps, a colour picker that stays open, full Typekit integration, a searchable font menu with instant font previews on existing text, better blending with Content-Aware tools, the ability to sync more settings to Creative Cloud, and more. Other slick new features includea command that automatically selects the in-focus areas in an image, two new motion blur filters, a Package command for corralling linked smart object content, and the ability to edit masks made with Camera Raw’s Graduated or Radial filters.

OS X and iOS Application Compatibility Table — If you are waiting to install a new OS (ie, Yosemite Public Beta) because you are worried about compatibility issues, check out the Application Compatibility Table over at RoaringApps, which has compatibility charts from Snow Leopard up to Yosemite, and from iOS 5 up to iOS 8. If you don’t see an app listed there and you know its status, you can submit it to the list.

Take Control of Yosemite Beta — Joe Kissell has some tips for you on running a Mac OS Beta. He’s been beta testing since 10.3, so he knows of what he speaks. He’s put together a great set of tips in Take Control of Beta Testing Yosemite, the latest title from Take Control Books. This one has a suggested price of US$5/ (The public beta site crashed thanks to heavy traffic only hours after the beta was released and eventually Apple replaced the error users saw with its familiar “We’ll be back” image, but it’s working again.)

Don’t use TRIM with SSD on Beta — For those who are succeeding where others have failed at getting their hands on the public beta of Yosemite, make sure you disable TRIM before installing on a 3rd party solid state drives (SSDs). Users are reporting that having TRIM controls enabled will resort in your Mac not booting up.

Printworks handles Desktop Publishing —  Printworks (NZ$38.98) that debuts today in the Mac App Store. TUAW’s reviews says “it has a barrel full of more than 400 templates, and more than a thousand clip-art images and useful symbols. Unlike a lot of templates, these are skillfully designed and very appealing to the eye. The clip art is also tasteful, and in my experience most clip art is pretty worthless. The templates are easily modified without losing the look and feel of the design unless, of course, you want to.”

How to prepare for a Mac disaster — No one likes to think about disasters such as burglary, earthquake, fire, the zombie apocalypse, or other catastrophes that could potentially wipe out your Mac, your other gadgets, and perhaps even your entire home or office. But these things do happen (with the possible exception of the zombies), and despite your best efforts, you might not be able to prevent the loss. You can, however, minimise the damage and inconvenience you’ll suffer – and speed your recovery – by making sure you’ve taken a number of commonsense steps to prepare for misfortune ahead of time.

Rumours of new MacBook — Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup, in both the 13- and 15-inch varieties, is now rumoured to receive an update following a leak that suggested all 15-inch models will come standard with 16 gigabytes of RAM.