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November 28th, Apple offers specials in its online shops for 'Black Friday' sales, so stay tuned.
November 28th, Apple offers specials in its online shops for ‘Black Friday’ sales, so stay tuned.

Apple earns 100% score on Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for 13th year in a row — The Human Rights Campaign this week published its annual Corporate Equality Index rankings rating American workplaces on LGBT equality, and Apple once again earned a score of 100 percent, achieving a perfect ranking for the 13th straight year. [This covers directly-employed Apple workers in the US, not those working at non-Apple assembly plants outside the US.]

Apple email touts Black Friday gift ideas — Black Friday, the US retailer’s dream date, is coming up on November 28, 2014, and Apple is tempting the wallets of shoppers with an email full of holiday gift ideas. Playing on the theme that “From one gift come many”, Apple shows how its products are really the gifts that keep on giving. [This went out to Apple’s email list, including in NZ, pictured above. Usually the deals are Apple credits for its online stores, but sometimes prices are better, too.]

London’s Borough market celebrated Apple Day with “The Real Apple Store” parody — London’s Borough market marked both the annual Apple Day celebration and the market’s 1,000th year anniversary with a parody of epic proportions. According to Core77, the market hired London-based TinMan and Teatime productions to design the “Real Apple Store,” a market place styled like an Apple retail store and filled with the best British versions of apples (the fruit).

Adobe Lightroom Adds Aperture, iPhoto Import Support — Adobe is making it easier for Aperture users to transition into Lightroom with its just released version 5.7 update. That’s good news for Aperture users since Apple is killing off Aperture and iPhoto next year when it releases an OS X Yosemite version of the iOS-style Photos. There’s also a Black Friday Lightroom sale price coming up.

Jeff is an app that makes and shares animated gifs easily
Jeff is an app that makes and shares animated gifs easily

Simple gif maker — An app called Jeff (NZ$12.99) is absurdly simple to use to make little animated gifs. Launch the app, and you’ll see a menu bar icon (a J in a circle). Click on it, and a little dialogue comes up. Follow the simple instructions by clicking the record button or use Shift-Command-5 to record a section of a screen or Shift-Command-6 to record all of a screen. [Awesome icon, too!]

App deal: six apps super cheap along with two entirely free — FX Studio Pro, Tembo, MacCleanse (proper undeleter) 1000 OpenType fonts, ColorStrokes, TubeConverter, and pass on the deal to someone else and you also get Arise for a Tweet and Portrait Painter for free. [That’s the same, at NZ$13.27, that I just paid for Jeff, above, yet would normally cost US$220!]

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An interesting Apps deal
An interesting Apps deal

Apple ramps up for Black Friday Sale — Apple’s Black Friday sale promotion will be back again this year with special discounts and early store openings, but not quite as early as some previous events. This year Apple will open its retail stores at 8AM local time instead of painfully early, like 4AM, or last year’s 6AM start.
[Since New Zealand doesn’t have any Apple stores – just licensed Resellers – what we’ll get instead is specials in the Apple Online Store. Typically, Apple NZ issues coupons for App Store purchases.]

Another Apple 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display review — After years of waiting, Mac faithful can finally purchase an ultra high-resolution display made by Apple that not only mates quality with a competitive price tag, but comes with a capable built-in computer to boot.

President Obama pushes FCC to classify Internet as public utility, protect net neutrality — In a move likely to see support from Internet-based content providers such as Apple, Netflix, and others, President Barack Obama on Monday publicly called on the Federal Communications Commission to take the strongest measures possible in protecting net neutrality.

3 key things to know about Yosemite and security — Like its US National Park namesake, Apple’s newest operating system can be imposing, perhaps even a little daunting to newcomers. And although you won’t find any bears in the digital version of Yosemite, that doesn’t mean it’s danger free. After all, online security is rarely a walk in the park — and these three features of Yosemite could potentially impact your security.

The AppsGoneMad bundle offers 6 solid Mac apps for under US$10— With app bundles there is often one thing you really want, but the rest of the bundle is forgettable. This latest bundle (pictured above) from AppsGoneMad, which can be purchased between now and November 24, actually has several apps for Mac OS X that should have wide appeal. At retail, the apps would total US$220 (about NZ$284), but the whole bundle is only $9.99 (about NZ$12.88).