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GameMaker Studio for Mac will soon be available, and suits beginners and experts

Apple has responded to the latest WikiLeaks CIA document dump, saying the iPhone and Mac exploits have been fixed — Apple issued a statement in response to Thursday’s WikiLeaks release of CIA-gathered iPhone and Mac exploits, saying a preliminary assessment reveals the vulnerabilities to be years old and long since patched.
Apple says an iPhone exploit detailed in the purported CIA documents impacts iPhone 3G, a device released in 2008. Apple fixed the security hole that same year. Mac vulnerabilities appear to be more recent, dating back to 2013, but have also been fixed. The full statement is at TechCrunch.

Feel more secure — Not convinced? GeekLab on the MacObserver has a podcast you can listen to at this link which will make you more secure about your security. Further, the Turkish Crime Family’s list of iCloud logins looks to be at least two years old, so if you haven’t changed your password more recently than that, it’s time to do so right now. This is your Apple ID password, please note, so it effects your transactions with Apple via iTunes, iBooks, the App stores (Mac and iOS) and also houses your Contacts list and other precious data, and any documents in iCloud Drive. Someone having your iCloud login would also be able to locate all your devices on a map.
This article tells you how to change your Apple ID/iCloud password. And while we’re at it, Microsoft Word macro malware has reared its ugly head yet again, and this time automatically adapts attack techniques for macOS or Windows.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now available on iTunes — From March 24th, and that means you can finally buy Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Apple’s iTunes Store. (So we New Zealanders actually had this from two days ago) Rogue One details the events leading up to the original Star Wars movie and follows the Rebels tasked with stealing the Death Star plans from the Empire. The movie is available in HD and SD, and includes plenty of extras. You can get your copy for US/NZ$19.99. [Or you could be like me, a sci-fi heretic fan who thinks the entire SW franchise is crap, while Alien, Serenity, Blade Runner and The Fifth Element take the cake.]

GameMaker Studio 2 for Mac in Closed Beta — GameMaker Studio 2 from YoYo Games has entered into a closed beta for macOS. It lets developers easily create video games for mobile, console and desktop. It also features a Drag and Drop system (DnD) that lets people with limited coding skills use it too. Available already for Windows, GameMaker Studio 2 for Mac will bring these tools to Mac developers, too.