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Why doesn’t the iMac have an HDMI connector? Thunderbolt and USB ports are nice. However, HDMI is getting smaller even as it gets bigger. HDMI is an interface for audiovisual equipment such as high-definition television and home theater systems. It’s able to carry a bandwidth of 5Gbps (gigabits per second), which is purportedly more than twice the bandwidth needed to transmit multi-channel audio and video. HDMI provides an uncompressed, all-digital signal. (OSX Daily tells you how to connect an GDMI display to an iMac.)

Apple R&D spending is a fraction of other major American tech companies — Apple spent just 3.5% — $8.1 billion — of its 2015 revenues on research and development, proportionately far less than peers like Google and Facebook in the American tech landscape.

Dennis Sellers’ crystal ball: what to expect in the revamped MacBook Air, MacBook Pro line-ups — In a report noted by AppleInsider, Taiwan-based Economic Daily News claims Apple is working on an all-new MacBook Air series that will debut at next summer’s Worldwide Developer Conference. I think they’re right, but that some of the details are wrong.

Considering a hardware RAID? What you need to know — A hardware RAID can be pricey but helps prevent data loss and improves performance.

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TechTool Pro 8 tests components on your motherboard that no other utility can access
TechTool Pro 8 tests components on your motherboard no other utility can access

Apple spending on research and development swells again to US$1.9 billion — Apple’s spending on research and development surged year over year by another $500 million last quarter, reaching $1.9 billion and growing to 3.3% of the company’s total net sales. Apple also already plans to expand the Israeli R&D centre it opened just weeks ago.

TechTool Pro 8 ships — Micromat has shipped the latest version of the premium Mac fixit software with new and sped-up diagnostic routines and more. It’s around US$100 but if you already have 7, it’s US$40 to upgrade.

CleanMyMac 3 review: Make more room on your crowded hard drive — CleanMyMac 3 is as the new version of MacPaw’s catch-all utility to scan your Mac and remove gigabytes of assorted kerfuffle and gunk that builds up over time. Macworld reviews it.

Finding your photos on a map, and dealing with metadata — A Macworld guide to these Photos features.

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The Albums dropdown menu lets you switch to the song list view
The Albums dropdown menu lets you switch to the song list view

The Retina iMac 5k maxed out with 32GB of RAM is incredible — Apple’s new Retina iMac 5K is a stunning computer for graphic design and video editors looking for the best possible screen to get their work done. Still, considering it’s price tag, you’d think Apple could throw in more than 8 GB RAM. Maxing it out to 32 GB in Apple store will cost you an extra NZ$960, but if you do it yourself you’ll be paying half that much. After you see this video you’ll understand why you’ll want to.

Apple last year spent a record $6 billion on Research and Development costs — Apple this week filed its 2014 10-K annual report with the SEC, offering investors a comprehensive look into the company’s operations over the last 12 months. The $6 billion figure is the highest amount Apple has ever spent on R&D (Apple spent $4.5 billion and $3.38 billion on R&D costs in 2013 and 2013). In just two years, Apple’s R&D budget increased by an astounding 78%.

Apple hit with class-action lawsuit over 2011 MacBook Pro graphics failures — A long-running issue with owners of Apple’s 2011 series of MacBook Pros has resulted in a class-action lawsuit, seeking compensation for apparent graphics card failures experienced by customers.

Rumour: Microsoft Office for Mac to get Retina redesign, feature parity with Windows in Q1 2015 — Microsoft is set to release an all-new version of Office for Mac in the first quarter of 2015, documents revealed on Tuesday suggest, modernising the Mac version of the popular software suite and bringing it to feature parity with its Windows counterpart.

iTunes 12: bringing back the Library and Playlist sidebar — Apple seems hell-bent on making iTunes as painful to use as it can, and iTunes 12 really drives that point home by killing the Library and playlists sidebar. There is a way to bring the sidebar back to life and take away some of the sting that’s the iTunes 12 interface.

Cook criticises Alabama’s rights — Cook pointed out Alabama’s slow acceptance of civil rights for African-American citizens, and begged them not to follow the same path with regards to civil rights for the LGBT community.

Make Yosemite look like OS 7 — OS X Yosemite is modern, and a far cry from what Apple desktops ran 20+ years ago. When Macs ran on CPUs with speeds of 33MHz (or even less), OS 7 aka System 7  was the best looking operating system most users had ever seen. Today, not so much, but if you long for the look of yesteryear anyway, here’s how to tweak Yosemite and make it look it was released over two decades ago.