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Microsoft Office 365 gains machine learning writing style assistant, research tool — New updates are coming to Microsoft’s Office 365, including artificial intelligence-driven writing style coaches and research assistants in Word, allowing writers to pull in and cite online sources as they work, plus the addition of ‘Focused Inbox’ email management to macOS.
The Focused Inbox feature is now across all Office 365 compatible devices. Previously available only on iOS, the Focused Inbox replaces the ‘Clutter’ folder and separates emails important to the user from other emails in discrete tabs. As with the mobile version of the feature, it learns from user behavior to fine-tune email filtering over time.

Macs account for three of the top 10 laptops recommended for students by SpecOut — The data experts at SpecOut, a consumer tech research site powered by Graphic, has developed a list of the top laptops for students entering college in 2016. Apple has three of the top 10 entries.

Way-Back-When Video: 1995 and Power Computing with Bob Levites — This video is from a show called The Computer Chronicles in 1995, and it features Bob ‘Dr Mac’ LeVitus (starting at 8:17) introducing the first Mac clone from Power Computing. He was working for Power Computing in those days as head of PR. This video also has a segment with Jack Colt from DayStar demoing a multi-processing Mac clone that was a massive powerhouse in its day.

Art View is worth a look for Adobe Creative Cloud users — If you’re a Creative Cloud or Creative Suite user, you should check out Code Line’s Art View, a Quick Look enhancement that offers “quick answers to common questions.”
It allows graphic designers to preview, inspect, and reveal dependent font and image files from within Apple’s Quick Look preview feature. Art View works independent of other applications, so users who don’t have graphics applications installed are still able to take advantage of its features. Art View is available for a free, 15-day demo and is available for purchase online. A single-user license costs US$24.95. Art Viewrequires Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Fluent survey: Apple has a strong core business, but … Fluent, an ad tech company, has released a report on Apple products, which surveyed 2,144 Americans to better understand their views of Apple products – iPhone in particular. The survey results confirmed the belief that Apple has a strong core business, but also demonstrated that consumers are divided on the extent to which Apple will continue to lead its competitors.