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An interesting selfie-take on a product shot.
An interesting selfie-take on a product shot.

Flickr Find: iPhone 6 plus plus plus plus plus — Flickr member Nomad soldier went beyond a basic shot of the iPhone 6 Plus by adding some infinite photo-inspired creativity to this tabletop photograph (above). (Apple commentary site TUAW has a Flickr pool and encourages readers to submit their own Apple related images.)

Nine apps that take advantage of the iPhone 6 Plus screen — Check out this Macworld slideshow.

Even before launch, Apple Pay the ‘player to beat’ in mobile payments, Morgan Stanley says — Apple Pay isn’t even available to consumers yet, but investment firm Morgan Stanley expects that Apple’s mobile wallet service will become the industry standard and help drive wider adoption of NFC-based payment systems.

Gist adds iPhone 6 support to its news summarising app — Gist is an app for iOS that takes the top stories around the world plus in various categories and summarises them in a few paragraphs, getting to just the core of the content and eliminating most of what you don’t need to know. Version 3.0 of Gist adds iPhone 6 support and iPad support, making it universal. It’s in the App Store for NZ$2.59 and requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Apple’s App Store metrics suggest iOS 8 adoption rate has stalled — According to App Store distribution metrics provided by Apple, the adoption rate of iOS 8 by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users has stalled, climbing only 1% in the weeks since launch. iOS 8 adoption currently sits at 47 percent, up from 46 percent reported on September 21. In contrast, iOS 7 grew steadily, climbing to 58 percent in one week and reaching 74 percent in just a few months.

Wunderlist 3 for iOS and OS X shines at delegation — To-do list apps have stiff competition, from the supremely sophisticated OmniFocus to the simple yet elegant Clear. But none seems to be as wildly popular as Wunderkinder’s Wunderlist (available for Mac and iOS), which even has Ira Glass singing its praises as his tool of choice.

Samsung warns of massive 60% decline in profits for Q3, cites stiff smartphone competition — Apple rival Samsung on Tuesday warned investors of an upcoming slide in quarterly profits that could amount to a 60% decline from the same time last year, blaming the slump on a squeeze in both high and low ends of the mobile phone sector.

Vidgets has lots of widgets — Vidgets is a handy free iOS app that enables a number of Today screen widgets for iOS 8 devices. When you launch the app, you can choose to add any of 20 different widgets including analogue and digital clocks, status of your device (battery, storage, memory usage), GPS information (analogue or digital speedometer, altimeter and digital or analog compass). The app also provides current weather, a forecast, and temperatures for two selected locations, one of which can be your current location. There are plenty in the free version – a pro version gives you more.

iPhone 6 measured, MultiCam, Asphalt Overdrive, Gates likes Apple Pay, Medical ID

Asphalt Overdrive
Asphalt Overdrive

Which wins a speed test, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8? iPhone 6 has proven itself the leader in speed when it comes to benchmark tests, but how does it do in a real world app launching test? A new video from PhoneBuff pits the iPhone 6 against the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 (where the same app was not available for both iOS and Android a comparable app was used instead). iPhone 6 wins …

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 delivers poor graphics performance vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus — While boasting an ‘Octa Core’ Application Processor option and an extremely high resolution display, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 falls flat in running GPU intensive apps and games in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

MultiCam for iOS can greatly improve your photos — MultiCam (NZ$2.59) cleverly turns the whole process around: you take a photo, then select the proper exposure and focus. Once snapped, you see the photo with two sliders: one to change the exposure, another to see all the focus options. Moving those sliders, you see the changes in the picture all happening smoothly in real time. When you have the combination you like, you save the photo. Both the front and back cameras are supported.

Racer — Asphalt Overdrive is a new racing game from Gameloft that is both classic and exciting. The design quality and energy of this game makes it feel more current than older racing games. It is compatible with both the iPad and iPhone. It requires iOS 6 or later and is optimised for iPhone 5 and it requires internet access. It’s free.

Bill Gates reckonsApple Pay is “fantastic” and a “real contribution” — Bill Gates yesterday sat down for an insightful interview with Erik Schatzker of Bloomberg where the Microsoft co-founder discussed, amongst other topics, his efforts to leverage the ubiquity of cellphones to help bring affordable and digital banking options to the world’s poorest countries.

iOS 8: setting up your Medical ID — If you’ve got an iPhone 4s or later, or  iPod touch (fifth generation) and you have installed iOS 8, you’ve now got the ability to configure what’s called a Medical ID. Doing so will give emergency responders access to your important health info without them having to unlock your device.

Cook on Apple security and privacy

Apple values your privacy, reiterates Cook
Apple values your privacy, reiterates Cook

Cook solid on privacy — There’s not much Mac news at the moment since Apple launched iDevices only last week, but Apple CEO Tim Cook has some advice for those concerned about privacy and your data: follow the money. In an interview with Charlie Rose posted to YouTube on Monday (embedded at this link), Cook made an impassioned argument that Apple makes its profit from selling goods, rather than selling you.
When  Google, Facebook, and all the other companies makes their money by collecting “gobs of personal information,” you have a right to be worried.
People ask why I shun Gmail instead of Apple’s iCloud Mail – they’re both free, can be used across devices and work well when you’re travelling. Cook said: “So, we’re not reading your email. We’re not reading your iMessages. If the government laid a subpoena on us to get your iMessages, we can’t provide it. It’s encrypted, and we don’t own the key. The door is closed.”

iPhone 6 preorder records, 6-core GPU, .15% from Apple Pay, HealthKit & hospitals

iPhone 6 has broken preorder records (picture form Apple Inc). NZ gets the new iPhone from 26th September.
iPhone 6 has broken preorder records (picture from Apple Inc). NZ gets the new iPhone from 26th September.

Apple confirms it sold four million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units in first day of pre-orders — Apple today announced record-breaking pre-orders of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handset with orders exceeding 4 million units in the first day of availability The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus beats out previously announced pre-order sales of the 2012 iPhone 5 and 2011 iPhone 4S, which reached two million and one million first day sales, respectively.

Apple’s A8 SoC likely carrying new 6-core PowerVR GPU, clocked at 1.4GHz with 1GB RAM — Apple boasts massive performance improvements in its latest A-series processor in iPhone 6: up to 84x over the first-generation iPhone. The company is thought to have achieved those gains by moving to a new 6-core GPU design alongside a slightly redesigned application processor, data suggests.

Apple’s HealthKit powering ambitious new medical trials at Stanford, Duke — Apple’s new HealthKit tools in iOS 8 are the centrepiece of two separate medical trials about to kick off at prominent US hospitals, aiming to help in treatment of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Another article tells how hospitals will use HealthKit to monitor your vitals.

Apple will reportedly receive .15% from all Apple Pay transactions — The Financial Times is reporting Apple will receive a small percentage from each transaction consumers complete with Apple Pay, the company’s recently announced mobile payment platform. So more than just a means to drive iPhone sales, Apple Pay will also serve to pad Apple’s bottom line. [Of course!]

Numerics number visualiser updated — Visualise all your vital business statistics, live, in one place. Numerics helps you know your numbers, focus on your goals and make better decisions. v1.1 gets a Custom JSON integration provider that can consume and render 9 unique types of widgets out of custom data from any business system with minimal programming on the business system end. It’s a free app.

Lots more information about iPhone 6, Apple Watch; Apple Pay, Lightning headphones, picTrove

Apple expects Watch users will need to charge it nightly
Apple expects Watch users will need to charge it nightly

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: what you need to know — Macworld has a good overview, TUAW explains about how many more pixels they have, the Mac Observer has a hands on to help you choose, AppleInsider explains how the bigger phones have been designed to be used one-handed, and has also created a printable iPhone 6 pre-order picker can help you choose the right size model.

Apple Watch users will need to recharge nightly — Apple is still working to improve uptime before launch. But Apple expects people to charge it nightly, suggesting the battery life will offer about one day of operation. Macworld has three Apple Watch features that will make you think differently about smartwatches, and also has a What you need to know, plus 5 things the Apple Watch can do, and 5 things it can’t.
And the Apple Watch isn’t waterproof. All the Apple Watch promotional videos are now viewable online. There’s more on battery life plus the important fact (for me anyway) that Apple Watch does support left-handed use. Apple didn’t offer specifics, but it appears as if left-handed use will be supported via a setting.

Parody Apple Watch vid — A parody video at YouTube details Apple’s ‘Pleasantly Plump Little Electronic Watch‘.

Apple to collect swipe fees from banks for Apple Pay transactions – report — [No real surprise but] Apple’s new Apple Pay system has the potential to become a huge revenue driver, as the iPhone maker has reportedly reached agreements with its partner banks to take a cut of the revenue earned from so-called “swipe fees” when consumers make purchases through the platform.

Philips announces Fidelo M2L, the first-ever Apple Lightning headphones with 24-bit DAC audio — The first-ever Lightning-connected headphones for iOS devices are coming from Philips, offering 24-bit digital to analog conversion thanks to the use of Apple’s proprietary connector. [Sound quality promises to be excellent over Lightning.]

picTrove free — picTrove Pro 1.8.14 (US$9.99, iOS Universal) is free this weekend (Sat 12 – Sun 13 September) to promote the launch of TraversienT Inc’s new app picTrove 2 Pro ($4.99, iOS Universal).