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MagBytes 92 is here, free for download

MagBytes 92 is here, just before iPhone X finally appears. News, tips, tricks and views, plus some new software and hardware. Enjoy – as always, MagBytes is free to download, pass on and keep.

Download MagBytes 92 from this link —> Issue 92 October 2017

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Apple Park boost, classics Bomb Defense and Shadow Warrior, Techtool Pro, Apple News

TechTool Pro is currently on special at the Mac Observer

Apple Park boosting local economy with property boom, influx of shoppers — The construction of Apple’s new headquarters is helping improve the fortunes of those living close to the Cupertino campus, including increases in development projects, attempts by businesses to anticipate the influx of Apple employees to the area, and increased real estate prices as some of the benefits stemming from Apple Park’s creation.

Mac compatible Bomb Defense explodes onto Steam — Bomb Defense has been released as one of the first games through the new Steam Direct program that replaced Steam Greenlight. The game is now available for Mac, Windows and Linux systems for US$3.99 until July 12. After this date, it will be US$4.99.

Classic FPS Shadow Warrior available for free at GOG — Shadow Warrior, the classic 1997 3D Realms first-person shooter, is available for free from GOG. The game runs on both Windows and macOS, and includes both expansion packs, Twin Dragon and Wanton Destruction, as well as the game’s soundtrack. You can also pick up the remastered Redux version of the game from Steam for just US99¢ as part of the 2017 Summer Sale. So if you’re itching for some classic FPS gaming, act fast!

TechTool Pro 9.5 for Mac for US$39.99 — Keeping your Mac in tip-top shape is easier with utilities like TechTool Pro 9.5, so we’re really glad that’s today’s TMO deal. TTP checks for RAM, processor, video, and motherboard problems, finds and repairs directory issues and corrupt hard drives, undeletes files, duplicates your drives, and more. TechTool Pro 9.5 is regularly priced at US$99.99, but is 60% off making it US$39.99 with today’s TMO deal. [I use this, and I have relied on it for years.]

Apple News may soon let publishers use their own tech in filling ad space — Apple is working on a solution for publishers that send their articles and content to its News app but so far have gotten very little in return, according to AdAge, quoting unnamed “people familiar with the plans.” [I posted Tuesday Talks to this for a while but it seemed like it wasn’t going anywhere or getting any reaction, so gee up. Does anyone use it at all in New Zealand?]

Jobs in 93 secs, Apple News, currency transitions, recyclebot, free Portrait Painter, Singapore store, Trackpad guide

Liam the recycling robot pulls old iPhones apart so they parts can be reused

The Telegraph’s 93-second primer Steve Jobs’s Career London newspaper The Telegraph has published a quickie biography of Steve Jobs. The piece is called Who was Steve Jobs? Tech trailblazer and co-founder of the Apple empire.  It’s an in-depth piece for a newspaper article, but it’s still a short look into a person like Steve Jobs’s entire life, perfect for someone who’s curious about Steve Jobs, but hasn’t delved deep into all things Apple. Accompanying the written piece was a 93 second video that runs  through Steve Jobs’s career with slides, information, and other highlights.

Apple makes New York Magazine editor Lauren Kern ‘editor in chief’ at Apple News — Apple has reportedly recruited New York media icon Lauren Kern to serve as the first-ever “editor in chief” for Apple News, possibly hinting at greater ambitions for the app.

Apple transitions App Store pricing to local currencies in 9 new countries — Apple has been transitioning App Store pricing this week from the US dollar and euro to the local currencies of nine countries, a change that in some locales equates to a small savings thanks to favorable exchange rates. Along with Poland, Apple is switching store currency in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania over from euro pricing. At the same time, Chile, Colombia, Croatia and Peru are swapping to their local currency from the US dollar.

New Apple cartoon looks at the Liam Recycling Robot — Apple launched a new video called Earth Day 2017 – Does my iPhone believe in reincarnation? It’s part of the cartoon series the company started on Earth Day earlier in May, but this one takes a look at Liam. That’s Apple’s purpose-built recycling robot that pulls iPhones apart so the components can be reused.

Free Portrait Painter software — JixiPix is proud to give you Portrait Painter a revolutionary paint product that simulates a hand painted gallery-style portrait on fine linen or canvas. This professional painting tool will add colour, light and texture to your painting, which harmonise intelligently to produce works of art that resonates with vibrant life. To receive it, go to this page, click Add to Cart and put in your contact details.

Media photos offer deeper peek inside Apple’s first Singapore store — Images from Thursday media preview offered a detailed look inside Apple’s first store in Singapore, set to open this Saturday.

Comprehensive guide to Mac Trackpad gestures and Force Touch — If you have a Magic Trackpad 2 or a built-in Multi-Touch trackpad, you might not be making the most of it. There are several Mac trackpad gestures that you can use to really speed up your workflow, whether you’re surfing the web or moving files around in the Finder. Take a look in this comprehensive guide to Mac trackpad gestures.

MagBytes 84 is here!

mb84Here it is folks, with a large Tips section, Shiny and New and lots of news, updates and even some views. It looks like the image above, and you can download it no obligations and entirely for free by clicking ….

THIS LINK —> MagBytes 84 for February 2017! Enjoy
(and feedback is always welcome)

Mystery minvan, Apple Store redesign, Artista Impresso, ripping DVDs with subtitles

Mystery car gets rumours going
Mystery minivan sightings gets rumours going

As mysterious minivan sightings proliferate, rumored ‘Apple Car’ seen as $50B US opportunity — With the total US car market valued at over $500 billion per year, taking just a 10% share would represent a new $50 billion revenue opportunity for Apple, according to one analyst. A car could be the final piece of Apple’s puzzle, reckons Michael Simon.
[Or you could posit it’s as nonsensical as Apple working on a television.]

Jony Ive & his design team esteemed as Apple’s heart & soul in sweeping profile — Apple design chief Jony Ive’s transformation into the new face of the company continued this week with a flattering, far-reaching profile that considers him “one of the two most powerful people” at Apple and a reluctant standard bearer for Steve Jobs’s legacy. And he’s collaborating with Angela Ahrendts on an Apple Store redesign to better showcase Apple Watch.
[It’s kind of ridiculous, isn’t it, designing a whole store for a watch? Most people would put in a display cabinet. To me this makes Apple look out-of-touch and ridiculous, like a spoilt satrapy – a result of Apple’s staggering profits.]

 Turn photos into impressionist works on Mac — Artista Impresso comes with two impressionism paint styles, Alla Prima and En Plein Air. This version features an exclusive ellipse detail tool to render small brush strokes on a face, or resize it to include the body or focal point in a landscape, and both versions support layers and a customisable palettes. The ‘normal’ version is NZ$21, the Pro version, which includes a plugin, NZ$35.02.

Everything you need to know about ripping DVDs with subtitles — If you like watching foreign movies, you may find that, when seeking out new films, you can only get the movie you want in a version without subtitles. This is great if you’re bi- or multi-lingual, but if not, you really need to know what the actors are saying. Here’s how.

Yosemite Public Beta 2, other updates, Quicken, WordPress app, diversity, Omnifocus

OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 hopefully squashes some annoying bugs
OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 hopefully squashes some annoying bugs

Apple releases OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2, new iTunes 12 beta for testing — Apple has just provided members of its public beta program the second test build of OS X Yosemite, while a new build of iTunes 12 for Yosemite is also available. If you are in the Beta program, just open the Mac App store pa and check Updates.

Apple releases Safari 7.1 and 6.2, OS X Server 3.2 betas to developers — Apple on Wednesday seeded the latest Safari 7.1 and 6.2 beta 3 builds and OS X Server 3.2 to developers, asking testers to focus on AutoFill, Smart Search and extensions, among other new features.

Intuit’s Quicken 2015 for Mac revamps interface, expands investment features — Venerable financial software Quicken is ready to help you with all of your newest accounting needs. Intuit on Thursday announced the release of Quicken 2015 for Mac, the latest update to the long-running app for tracking your personal finances. The new version adds stock trading.

Blogo 2 brings a native WordPress app to OS X — For those who use the popular WordPress content management system for blogging, there are a lot of iOS tools. In the OS X world, however, you’re generally content to use a Markdown tool that also happens to upload content to WordPress blogs. Blogo 2.0 (US$29.99, available at introductory price of NZ$18.99) has been designed from the ground up as a native OS X WordPress app. The app will soon support Tumblr and Blogger as well, according to the developer.

Apple releases a new video celebrating the diversity of its staff — Apple recently released statistics touting the diversity found among its employees which, when compared to other tech companies, shows the company is working hard to mix up the makeup of its workforce. The same day Apple released that info, the company debuted this video celebrating the varied backgrounds of its employees and the importance that different life experiences play in growing the company. [Bit desperate?]

OmniFocus 2 review: Stay on top of your task list with this top task manager — Rare and revered is the person who can mentally track everything that must be accomplished. Everybody else needs tools and techniques for staying atop our tasks. In crowded and diverse field of possibilities, OmniFocus (expensive at US$80) is an appealing option if you’re willing to invest some time learning how it works. There is a 14-day free trial.

Fonts review: Preview your Mac’s fonts with this app’s attractive interface — There’s nothing sexy about font management. Designers often have hundreds of typesets to sort through, and keeping track of them all can be a big pain, especially when a deadline is looming. With an elegant WYSIWYG interface that focuses on organization rather than activation, Fonts opens up your suitcase wide enough to show you everything inside, and just might eliminate the pesky trial-and-error method.