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(Image from CNN)
(Image from CNN)

Trump turned in his previous phone after arriving in Washington, DC on Thursday — Trump was under pressure from security agencies to do so, given the potential threats posed by hackers gaining access.
While Trump’s new device is unknown, it could be an iPhone if he follows in the steps of his predecessor. Barack Obama was the first US president to carry a cellphone, initially starting with a modified BlackBerry, but later migrating to an iPhone, which has simpler and more robust security features.

Apple releases new design resources for iOS developers — Apple has shared some free design resources for iOS developers with an update to its iOS Human Interface Guidelines. The resources include UI and template materials to make it easier to design iOS apps. Apple says the design resources are “comprehensive and accurately depict the full range of UIKit controls, views and glyphs available to developers using the iOS SDK.” The files are available in Sketch and Photoshop formats.

How to factory reset Apple AirPods, which may help with battery and pairing Issues — Some users have reported that doing a factory reset helps with both. Apple forum member martinctv posted instructions on how to do so in Apple’s support forums, and The Mac Observer walks you through it.

IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps offered by Bell and IBM to Canadian businesses — IBM and Bell Canada are joining forces to offer IBM MobileFirst for iOS market-ready enterprise applications for the iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple Music pays more cash per stream to artists than Spotify — Apple “sits in the sweet spot generating the second largest amount of streaming revenue with a per stream rate .00735,” nearly double what Spotify is paying, according to The Trichoridist, an artists rights website. In other words, Apple Music plays more cash per stream to artists.

Astropad Studio on iPad could replace your Wacom Tablet — Many photographers and designers who rely on digital editing tools favour gadgets like the Wacom tablet. With good reason; it’s a device that lets you edit photos and manipulate graphics with a stylus, allowing for greater precision. But if you have a Wacom tablet along with an iPad, you may find yourself juggling the two devices. An app called Astropad Studio can turn your iPad into, effectively, a Wacom tablet.

iOS Tip: avoid charging your wet iPhone 7/7 Plus — Apple made the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus water and dust resistant, with a rating of IP67. This means that you won’t have to worry as much if you get a wet iPhone. However, if you’ve dropped your iPhone in a body of water, you shouldn’t charge it right away. Here’s what you should do.

Vine creates searchable video archive after social network shut down — After shutting down social networking features last week, Vine on Friday made good on a promise to activate the Vine Archive, an online browsable repository of all user content created during the service’s four-year run.

Canadian antitrust bureau reaches deal with Apple and ebook publishers — Canada’s Competition Bureau on Friday announced an agreement with Apple and three ebook publishers, allowing other sellers such as Amazon and Kobo to offer discounts on titles, despite the first group’s attempts to keep prices higher.