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LG UltraFine shielding, Cook’s French surprise, filing against Trump, free Final Cut template Seal


Shielded LG UltraFine 5K displays headed to Apple stores, fixes done on case-by-case basis — Thunderbolt 3 LG UltraFine 5K displays boasting enhanced shielding to prevent radio frequency interference disconnects and crashing are working their way to retailers now. Meanwhile problematic units in the field will be assessed for service and shielding addition on a case by case basis, AppleInsider has learned.

Apple’s Tim Cook makes surprise stops at stores in Paris, Marseilles — Apple CEO Tim Cook made unexpected visits to two French Apple stores on Sunday, namely the Terrasses du Port outlet in the southern city of Marseilles, and the Carrousel du Louvre location in Paris.

Apple, other tech companies file brief opposing Trump’s travel ban — The legal battle is intensifying over President Trump’s immigration order, with further court filings expected today from both the government and Department of Justice. Seventy-five tech companies, including Apple, US tech companies have filed an amicus brief opposing the travel ban, saying it “inflicts significant harm on American businesses.”

Free Seal makes it easy to create seal titles for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X — Conner Productions’s Seal is a pro level template to make introductory seal titles for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. It’s free — and free is good!
Seal, designed with creative professionals, individuals, and businesses, is customisable and lets you create introduction seals for your videos featuring a spinning seal that comes into focus. It’s easy to customize text color, background color, and other elements to craft the template to fit within a video. Conner Production’s installer makes installing Seal easy; using the template in videos is a matter of dragging it into the timeline.