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Apple and GE partner, iPad Drag and Drop, Apple IS phishing scam, sync Watch music, unlock Macs

(Image from Tech Crunch)

Apple and GE partner to bring Predix industrial apps to iPhone and iPad — Apple and GE today announced a partnership to deliver powerful industrial apps designed to bring predictive data and analytics from Predix, GE’s industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform, to iPhone and iPad.
The two companies have unveiled a new Predix software development kit (SDK) for iOS, which gives developers the tools to make their own powerful industrial IoT apps.
The new Predix SDK for iOS will be available to download on Thursday, 26 October. The SDK gives developers the ability to make powerful, native apps that take full advantage of the industrial analytics from Predix and tap into the power and ease of use of iOS.
As a result of the partnership, GE will standardise on iPhone and iPad for mobile devices and promote Mac as a choice for its global workforce of more than 330,000 employees.
Apple in return will promote GE’s Predix as the industrial IoT analytics platform of choice to its customers and developers.

Top iPad apps adding Drag and Drop support within the first month of iOS 11 — This summer, Apple unveiled a series of new iOS 11 features specific to iPad, including new Dock navigation and support for Drag and Drop, enabling sophisticated new ways to work with documents between apps. Within its first month of availability, scores of third party developers have already added support to their iPad apps.

An Apple ID Phishing Scam is going around — Some users on Reddit are receiving a phishing scam aimed at Apple customers. It’s a text message saying your Apple ID is expiring, requiring you to click on a link. This scam isn’t new, and has made its way around before. Here’s what you can do.
For a start, Apple IDs don’t expire. Even if you forgot your username and password, your Apple ID is still floating around in the ether. Apple doesn’t shut down IDs after a certain period of inactivity.

How to sync music and playlists to Apple Watch with watchOS 4 — If you exercise with an Apple Watch, you’ll want to load some music onto it. Thankfully with watchOS 4, Apple now lets you load multiple playlists and albums onto the wrist-worn device. AppleInsider explains how to do it.

How to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch — Starting with macOS Sierra and above, Apple implemented the ability to unlock your Mac when you are in proximity, and wearing your Apple Watch. Sounds simple enough – but there are a few prerequisites to fulfill before it works reliably. AppleInsider spells it all out.