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iOS 11 bugs squashed, costs of new iPhones, better audio, TV teardown, Plex News, 33m Apple Watches

iOS 11 boasts a whole new App Store

Apple squashes iOS 11 bugs with quick release of iOS 11.0.1 — Just a week after iOS 11 was launched to the public, Apple has quickly followed up with iOS 11.0.1, a small update intended to address bugs and fix various issues with the software. Release notes accompanying iOS 11.0.1 simply state the update “includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad.” [Hope it fixes the speed issues on my iPhone 6; my work iPhone 5 seemed fine, however.]
iOS 11 includes a new voice for Siri, as well as the ARKit tools that developers can use to create advanced augmented reality applications. It also boasts a redesigned App Store, and various features like Do Not Disturb While Driving and a revamped Music app.

Apple spends an estimated US$247.51 on iPhone 8 parts, US$288.08 on iPhone 8 Plus — Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly dismissed bill of material estimates as incorrect, but that’s not stopping research firm IHS Markit to share its latest findings with industry analysts. This year, the firm estimates Apple spends US$247.51 on the components that comprise one 4.7-inch iPhone 8 with 64GB of storage.

Apple’s iPhone 8 supports EVS for high-quality audio over LTE — Largely unnoticed in the aftermath of Apple’s iPhone unveiling, the new iPhone 8 lineup now supports the enhanced voice services (EVS) codec, promising higher quality calls over LTE networks that support the feature.

Apple TV 4K teardown demonstrates new cooling system for A10X processor — A disassembly of the new Apple TV 4K shows not only the improved processor in the device, but a completely redesigned cooling solution complete with “serious thermal venting” plus a fan.
Chips inside the device include a Broadcom Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet chip, 3GB of SK Hynix RAM, a custom memory controller, a Murata wi-fi and Bluetooth module, Toshiba flash memory, and a Megachips FisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0 converter.

Plex News comes to Apple TV, iPhone & iPad with over 190 sources — Making use of its Watchup acquisition, Plex on Tuesday announced a new feature for its media streaming software, Plex News, which assembles a personalised video montage based on a range of global sources. [Build your own video news silo …]

Thirty-three million Apple Watches sold so far — Apple has sold 33 million Apple Watches since the launch of the line over two years ago — and 15 million in the past year, according to estimates from Asymco’s Horace Dediu. The analyst says the unit sales in the past year add up to $4.9 billion in revenue.

Perfect LBGT score, TextExpander, Swift now Open Source, App Store, Patina launches free

Simple Mac drawing app launches free for a limited time
Simple Mac drawing app launches free for a limited time

For 14th year in a row, Apple achieves perfect score in Human Rights Campaign’s LGBT rankings — Apple and 20 other tech companies achieved perfect scores on this year’s Corporate Equality Index, a Human Rights Campaign project ranking US companies on their treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered workers.

TextExpander 5 for Mac discounted — The harsh reality is you waste time typing the same thing over and over, whether you notice it or not— and that’s where TextExpander comes in. This highly popular app allows you to create custom shortcuts that populate any set of text or image you want to save you the time and effort of typing. Whether it’s HTML formatting, a salutation, or even a lengthy email, you’ll find minutes and hours freed up. It‘s currently on special for US$22 instead of US$45.

Apple programming language Swift goes open source — Apple’s software team has officially made Swift, its proprietary iOS and OS X development software, open source and available for modification by all developers, via the new website Swift.org. By open-sourcing Swift, developers can begin to use the language for their own purposes and go beyond development for OS X, iOS and watchOS apps.

Sketch and BBEdit leave the Mac App Store (a blip or the tip of an iceberg of developer discontent?) — Bohemian Coding is no longer selling Sketch on the Mac App Store because of what the company describes as poor customer experiences. (Sketch is a tool for designing interfaces, websites, and icons.) At least one other company is also taking this route.

New simple Mac drawing app launches free for a limited time — Atek has released a new drawing app this week called Patina that the developer believes fills an important need among Mac users who are not professional designers yet desire to have a good app for making simple drawings and sketches. The app is initially free, so you can download it from the Mac App Store and try it out (tutorial video here).

Coming soon in iOS 8, lint, Fflp! miraculous Ikea BookBook, better weather, App Store app updated

Fflip is a beautiful, free mix-and-match game for kids
Fflip is a beautiful, free mix-and-match game for kids


Coming soon in iOS — iOS 8 is getting closer every day. Another feature of Messages will be the ability to share your location with others.
Apple is also offering a Time-Lapse feature in iOS 8’s Camera. It’s one of the options you select when you go to take a photo, and it’s really automatic. In the usual Apple style, there isn’t much to think about. You can tap for focus and exposure, then push the red button and off you go. The app selects what it thinks is the correct capture interval automatically. Also, a look at iOS 8’s new filters and photo editing features.

How to clean lint from iPhone and iPad ports — Aside from people who have Felix Unger-ian tendencies to scrub everything, there are some legitimate reasons why it’s a good idea to de-gunk your iPhone and iPad from time to time.

Fflp! is a beautiful match for artistic gamers — Fflp! is a beautiful simple mix and match game for children with a strong artistic feel to it. It appeals to children with different people combinations that can be made by swiping through the three rows which represent the head, body, and legs of the character, making for a fun experience that sparks creativity. Fflp! (pictured above) is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later. It’s free.

Ikea debuts ‘Amazing’ BookBook for 2015 with Eternal Battery Life — Not usually known for its technological offerings, IKEA released a video spotlighting its ‘amazing’ BookBook for 2015, featuring high definition photos, a touch interface you can feel, and amazing eternal battery life. It also features ‘instant loading’ on every page!
This is one of the more clever Apple spoofs, and it wasn’t done to denigrate Apple (as is the case with most such spoofs), but rather to highlight Ikea and extoll the virtues of old-fashioned print catalogues.

WunderStation is iPad app nirvana for weather geeks — Weather Underground runs what it calls the PWS (Personal Weather Station) network, a mesh of over 37,000 individually-owned weather stations that send live weather info to the company as often as every 2.5 seconds. If you live near a PWS, you can be guaranteed that you’re going to get forecasts from Weather Underground that better represent actual microclimates in your area. And it’s free.

Apple Store app overhauled with cross-platform shopping features, fresh design — Ahead of an expected iPhone unveiling on Sept. 9, Apple on Thursday rolled out an updated version of its Apple Store app for iOS, introducing cross-device shopping support, enhanced imagery and refined navigation.

App Store rejections help, best note-taking apps, and thermal PIN stealing

New App Store rejections page posted by Apple – a help to developers
New App Store rejections page posted by Apple – a help to developers

New page on Apple’s website explains common reasons for App Store rejection — App Store rejections may not be the hot-button issue it was a few years ago, but for developers, it’s still a chief area of concern. To give app makers a little clarity and direction, Apple published a new page to its Developer site that outlines some of the most common reasons an app gets rejected from the App Store. The new page (pictured above) is here and includes handy design guides for the user interface and more.

Best apps for taking notes — Mobile devices transformed everything, including taking notes at meetings and lectures. The productivity charts in the app stores are awash in great note-taking apps, ranging from the complicated (Evernote lets you describe every part of your life with enough detail to satisfy three of the five sense) to the useful-but-relatively-one-dimensional (the naive Notes app on iOS). So which app is the best? TechHive has the answers.

How to use an FLIR Camera to steal a PIN code, and how to stop It — The FLIR One camera is a cool personal thermal imaging camera that attaches to your iPhone. It makes thermal imaging inexpensive and highly portable.
It also makes a long-known method of stealing a PIN code much more accessible, as shown in the video here. Mark Rober posted a detailed video to YouTube explaining and demonstrating the problem. Better still, he also shows you how to protect yourself against this method (touch all of the keys while you’re entering your PIN).

Apple iPhone event, HealthKit, new Pebble smartwatch, Samsung, App store, iOS video monitoring

New Pebble smart watches in fashion colours (so, for NZ fashion, where's black?!)New Pebble smart watches in fashion colours (so, for NZ fashion, where’s black?!)

Apple iPhone event scheduled for September 9 — Apple has announced a special event for September 9, 2014,  exactly 364 days since the iPhone 5s and 5c were revealed. The inevitable iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6es, depending on which rumour you buy into) is thought to be significantly larger than the current model.

Apple files for ‘HealthKit’ trademarks in the US, Europe — Nearly three months after first protecting the HealthKit moniker in the small island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Apple has officially filed paperwork to expand that protection to the U. and the European Union.

Pebble unveils new limited-edition iOS-compatible pink, green & blue smart watches — With competition in the smartwatch space heating up, arguable market leader Pebble on Tuesday took the covers off of a new fashion-focused push that will see a limited run of US$150 Fly Blue, Fresh Green, and Hot Pink versions (above) of its original plastic-framed device made available to the public. [Please not, this is NOT an Apple smartwatch.]

Samsung’s chipmaking business posts weak outlook as rumours of Apple shift persist — To date, Samsung has been the sole supplier of custom A-series processors for Apple’s popular iPhone and iPad, but industry watchers again expect that to change after the South Korean company signalled that its microprocessor business has a bleak outlook.

App Store revenue, number of customers both reached new records for Apple in July — Apple on Tuesday revealed that the month of July was the best ever for its digital software downloads, as the App Store generated more revenue and had more customers make purchases than ever before.

Manything turns any iOS device into a home video monitoring system — Video security for your home or small business just got a lot easier and a lot less expensive thanks to Manything.
Manything is an all-in-one home video monitoring system for iOS that allows you to stream, record, and view video remotely from any iOS device using iOS 5 or later. That means your old iPhone 3GS just became a WiFI video camera instead of gathering dust.