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App Camp for Girls 2017 — App Camp For Girls, a non-profit organization aimed at correcting the gender imbalance in the software industry, has opened 2017 registration for its summer program that teaches girls in the US how to make mobile apps in one week.
Camp tuition is US$400 for the week. In addition to launching a new location in Chicago, the program will again take place in Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix. Parents can register for 2017 sessions on the App Camp For Girls website. All sessions will be held in July. Space is limited; early registration is recommended.
What are we doing over here in New Zealand? Apart from this worthy effort, of course. And things like Code@MOTAT, which is open to all kids 8 and up with their own laptops. The national organisation site is here.

WikiLeaks document dump reveals CIA iPhone penetration team, insecurity of exploit library — A new batch of 8,761 files was released on Tuesday by WikiLeaks that alleges that the US Central Intelligence Agency has a dedicated iOS exploit team —and lacks the ability to keep the attack vectors under lock and key.

Adobe updates Lightroom pro photo apps for iOS with ‘Authentic HDR’ & more — Adobe has released updates to the iPhone and iPad versions of Lightroom, making various enhancements including the addition of ‘Authentic HDR’, a new shooting mode.

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Calligrapher monk Robert Palladino, who inspired Mac typography, dies at 83 — Reverend Robert Palladino, whose work as a master calligrapher influenced a young Steve Jobs and subsequently the typography of Apple’s first Mac computers, died on Friday at the age of 83. Father Palladino was a Roman Catholic priest who learned the art of calligraphy as a Trappist monk. He inspired the transformative typefaces used in Apple’s first machines, and by extension the modern personal computer.

App Camp For Girls expands in 2016; deadline to apply is March 16 — App Camp For Girls, a non-profit organization aimed at correcting the gender imbalance in the software industry, is expanding this summer in the US.

Clear a clogged printed queue — There’s a nifty UNIX command that will clear the print queue immediately

Drumpf Twitterbot trumps Trump — A wacky Twitterbot uses deep learning to out-Trump Trump. DeepDrumpf is a Twitterbot created by a postdoctoral researcher in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab that uses a deep-learning algorithm to make even Trumpier statements than Trump himself. Based on an artificial-intelligence algorithm trained on transcripts of Trump’s victory speeches and debate performances, the bot shows a remarkable proficiency for taking the hyperbole even further.

Online privacy: three ways to ward off cyber criminals and snoops
Keep yourself safe with these online security tips — Our increasingly connected lives make us sitting ducks for bad actors. While there’s no such thing as 100-percent security, there’s still plenty you can do to protect your privacy online.

Quark previews QuarkXPress 2016, which is due later this year — Quark Software has unveiled QuarkXPress 2016, the next major version of the design and layout tool for print and digital publishing. The finished version is due in the second quarter of the year. [Thought this software died last decade.]

BMW plans self-driving software overhaul to fend Apple, Google — German automaker BMW is planning a major corporate changes going forward, in an effort to build “the most intelligent car” it can, sensing impending competition from Apple, Google and others in Silicon Valley. [No plans to make a smartphone or tablet, though.]

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RedesignedHow to buy stuff on Apple’s redesigned website — Apple gave its website a major overhaul that does away with the distinct online store we’ve known for years. That means you can’t use the store.apple.com subdomain and browse products; instead, you now find buy buttons scattered around the Apple site that let you add products to your shopping bag. Read on to see how Apple’s new shopping experience works.

Apple’s Swift programming language translated to Mandarin Chinese thanks to open source project — Coding for Apple devices just got a little easier for thousands of developers in China, as a group of more than 100 programmers recently wrapped up an open source Mandarin Chinese translation of Apple’s Swift programming language.

Swift’s profound effect on App Camp for Girls — Apple’s Swift programming language has earned praise from developers the world over, but the power and simplicity of this new programming language was brought home by the profound impact it had on July’s App Camp for Girls. We finished the apps in this year’s App Camp so fast, it was as if we got an extra day with our young developers.

It’s time for Apple to consider pixel quality as well as pixel quantity — The TV/computer screen buzz lately is about Ultra High Def/4K displays. However, when considering new monitors (and, hey Apple, where’s our 5K Thunderbolt Display?) and upcoming iMacs, perhaps Apple should think about pixel quality as well as pixel quantity.

10 interesting Mac apps — That’s a slideshow at Macworld.

4 top El Capitan features — The Mac Observer for that one.

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More countries get Apple Watch from June 26th — Apple Watch will be available in seven more countries on June 26th, making for 16 countries where you can get—with a little wait—Apple’s brand new smartwatch. You’ll be able to start buying Apple Watch in stores on the 26th, too.
But not New Zealand, I’m sorry to report: Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and Taiwan …

iOS 9 doesn’t need revolutionary features to transform our screens — Every 12 months or so, Apple has unleashed a whole new batch of features and enhancements that have given each iOS version an identity of its own, not unlike the jungle cats and California landmarks attached to OS X releases. But much like it did with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard a few years back, iOS 9 is shaping up to be more of a maintenance release than a marketing one.

Apple, Samsung tied for highest smartphone customer satisfaction, iPhone falls behind Galaxy Note — When it comes to smartphones, Apple and Samsung are in a neck-and-neck race for the overall customer satisfaction crown, though the South Korean giant has leapt ahead of Apple and the iPhone with its jumbo-sized Galaxy Note series.

iPhone laser dongle makes measuring a snap — At Computex 2015 in Taipei this week, a local manufacturer showed off a laser pointer for the Apple phone that can precisely measure short distances.

Google announces Street View iOS app, plans to merge Views into Maps — Google has announced plans to launch a new app, Street View, which will let anyone submit a photo sphere to Maps, including ones captured via compatible 360-degree cameras.

App Camp for Girls’ Indiegogo Campaign — Girls deserve just as much a shot at learning to code as boys, and App Camp for Girls aims to make that happen.  Head on over to App Camp’s Indiegogo page and do what you can to help the program hit its US$100,000 goal so more girls can learn to code.

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Pixelmator now supports Force Touch and has a revamped Repair tool
Pixelmator now supports Force Touch and has a revamped Repair tool

EU scrutiny of Irish tax deals could have ‘material’ impact on Apple, company says — Apple has begun to prepare investors for the possibility that the European Commission’s ongoing investigation into Ireland’s corporate tax arrangements, which the commission argues amount to illegal state aid, could force the company to suffer a significant financial loss. [Gosh, how would Apple ‘afford’ to pay the tax it has supposed to have been paying all along? Sorry, no sympathy here.]

New Pixelmator supports Force Touch — Pixelmator 3.3.2 has been released with support for Apple’s new Force Touch trackpad on the MacBook, as well as an improved repair tool. Based on the demo video, the repair tool looks extremely impressive. The folks at Pixelmator note they spent two years on getting this feature to where it is now. [If you already have it, the update appears free in the Mac App Store.]

Microsoft brings Visual Studio Code, .NET Core preview to Mac — Presenting at its Build developer conference on Wednesday, Microsoft announced the first version of Visual Studio compatible with Mac and Linux, Visual Studio Code. The newly released software lets users develop code in .NET, JavaScript, and a number of other frameworks and languages.

App Camp for Girls releases camper-driven app — App Camp for Girls (AGC) a great project that fosters an interest in coding and apps among young women and girls, has released its first app for iOS, the student-driven App Camp Quiz Compendium ($1.29).