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Kanex launches new Apple Watch accessories — Kanex will use CES 2017 (running January 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada) to introduce the two newest members to its growing line of GoPower Apple Watch accessories. The products are the GoPower Watch Stand, a magnetic charging stand, and the GoPower Watch Mini, a portable keychain battery.

TuneIn Radio Lets your iPhone Receive a World of Broadcasts — TuneIn lets you you ‘tune in’ to many traditional radio stations that broadcast on the Internet. Almost anything you receive on your automobile AM/FM radio can be found on TuneIn radio. There are many local and small stations that broadcast to TuneIn radio. You can use a free ad-supported version of the TuneIn app or an ad-free version by making a one-time in-app purchase of US$3.99.

Twitter debuts live 360-degree video posts powered by Periscope — Adding to a slowly growing set of value-added services, Twitter on Wednesday activated live 360-degree video streaming capabilities through its subsidiary Periscope, an interactive feature that puts viewers in the middle of the action.

NPD says Android customers are so committed that exploding Note 7 did little to help Apple — Like loyalty to a political party or hometown sports team, smartphone users are extremely passionate about their choices – a commitment that led many customers to stick with Samsung, despite the disaster of its downright dangerous Galaxy Note 7.

Police turn to Amazon Echo in homicide showing how smarthome devices can spy on us — Police in Bentonville, Arkansas, obtained a search warrant for the audio captured by an Amazon Echo as part of a homicide investigation, raising concerns over just how much smarthome devices know about us. In the case of the Echo, Amazon says little is being recorded and stored, but that’s not much of a consolation for IoT device owners who’re worried their tech might be used against them by the government.