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Kaby Lake hope, age discrimination


Intel Kaby Lake CPUs suitable for MacBook Pro refresh said to be in manufacturers’ hands — Supply chain reports sourced from laptop manufacturers claim that they are in receipt of laptop-class Kaby Lake processors earlier than expected — with the new chip possibly suitable for a MacBook Pro refresh. Low-end Kaby Lake processors have been available for a while, but not the high end a MacBook Pro would require. The Kaby Lake is seventh generation of the chip and uses the same 14-nanometer process as the 6th gen Skylake, but adds native USB 3.1 Generation 2 support, bringing full 10 Gbps speeds to the protocol.  [ Intel has released a new processor in a new model of Mac before, so here’s hoping.]

Genius Bar doesn’t hire retired Apple engineer, fires up age discrimination debate — The Apple engineer responsible for the OS X migration to Intel was never called back after an Apple retail Genius interview, and an op-ed is again sparking age discussion about alleged age bias in Silicon Valley. [How old is Cook?]