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Apple Store logos turn red to mark World AIDS Day, (Product)Red donations top $100M — Maintaining a four-year-old tradition, Apple has changed the logos outside of a number of its retail stores from white to red in order to signal World AIDS Day, simultaneously announcing its (Product)Red donations have topped $100 million.

Adobe releases big updates to Photoshop and a new 3D character app, Fuse — Interface tweaks and new features come to Photoshop, along with a new integrated app for creating 3D models to pose or animate.
All updates all the time is Adobe’s mission for its Creative Cloud subscription plan. Delivering perpetual updates to the suite’s desktop lineup, without adhering to a designated upgrade schedule, frees both company and users from the long, cold wait for new and enhanced features. On Monday, Adobe announced a huge update to Photoshop CC 2015, its flagship image editor, which now hooks into its new 3D character creation app called Fuse CC (English language only, so far).

MyApple Magazine Issue No. 2 is now available for free — It’s the beginning of December, and Issue #2 of MyApple Magazine is now available for your reading pleasure (free)

Analyst thinks Apple’s Black Friday was its best ever — Apple apparently registered the strongest Friday sales in its entire history this Black Friday just gone (Nov. 27), says Global Equities’ Trip Chowdhry. He attributes this to the company’s “strategic shift in selling.”

On1 Photo 10 review: From suite to sweet: photo editing app does it all — For about a decade, On1’s photo editing tools have been marketed and used primarily as plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture, or Adobe Photoshop. Each tool was an independent, one-trick pony and appropriately named: Perfect Black and White, for example, or Perfect Portrait. A couple of versions back, On1 began rolling these mini-apps into a Perfect Photo Suite that allowed users to access all the tools from a central dashboard independent of Lightroom or Aperture. The latest version — renamed On1 Photo 10 — takes this plan to the next level. Photo 10 is no longer a suite in name or design: it’s now a pretty well integrated app.

Mac games — It’s the season of giving — but if you love gaming on your Mac, why not treat yourself to a little something? November saw the release of dozens of new Mac games, and Macworld picked out the best and most intriguing of the bunch. Half of these are $20 or less apiece, so even if you’re tight on cash amidst ample holiday shopping, you can still grab something new to play.

Apple Music will play nice with Sonos beginning Dec. 15 — Streaming music and Sonos speakers go together like peanut butter and jelly, which is why Apple Music’s absence from Sonos’s list of supported streaming services was perplexing. But Apple Music is joining the roster of supported music services on Dec. 15, so Sonos speaker owners will have another option for streaming songs throughout their homes.