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Activations, modem antitrust, hands on with Duet Display, 5-inch iPhone


Apple saw twice as many mobile device activations this holiday as Samsung, data shows — Apple’s iPhone and iPad trounced the competition this holiday, giving the company a 44 percent share of all device activations — more than twice that of rival Samsung, new research suggests.
Mobile analytics firm Flurry published its latest data on Tuesday, revealing that for every Samsung device that was activated, Apple saw more than two. Samsung came in second place with 21% share, far behind Apple but also well ahead of third-place finisher Huawei with just 3%. [Oppo? Xiaomi?]

Korea hits Apple modem supplier Qualcomm with $853M fine for antitrust violations — The South Korean Fair Trade Commission has hit US chipmaker Qualcomm – a major Apple supplier – with a 1.03 trillion won ($853 million) fine, charging that the company only licenses key patents to cellphone makers, and doesn’t follow the rules when negotiating terms, among other complaints.

Duet Display for iPad brings Touch Bar, Apple Pencil to your extended Mac desktop — Accelerated multiple-monitor tool Duet Display now brings the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar to an extended screen using an iPad, and optional full Apple Pencil support in macOS. AppleInsider shows you what’s been updated in the new version.

Apple May Add 5-inch screen to the 2017 iPhone lineup — Apple is adding a 5-inch model to its iPhone lineup in 2017, or so the latest supply chain report [actually, rumour] claims. Assuming the sources are right, that would give Apple four different smartphone screen sizes starting at 4-inches for the iPhone SE, and topping out at 5.5-inches for the iPhone 7 Plus. [Actually, Apple ‘may do’ anything.]