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US-built iPhones, European tablet leadership, iPhone demand, 3D camera, Workflow 1.6

(Image from Market Watch)
(Image from Market Watch)

Building iPhones in the US may not be such a crazy idea after all — Donald Trump has vowed to bring Apple manufacturing of iPhones back to the US. Some pundits have said that will never happen as it would make the cost of the smartphone skyrocket, but entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa says (in aWashington Post column) that the thought of Apple building iPhones in the US may not be that crazy, because China is becoming unpredictable due to a faltering economy. It may make sense for Apple to locate some of its manufacturing closer to other markets just to protect itself from this uncertainty.
More than half of the components of Apple’s products are imported into China and practically none of the important, core, technologies are made by Chinese companies. Foreign companies do not trust China and nearly all of the intellectual property in Apple’s products originates from outside it.

Apple’s iPad maintains its tablet leadership in Western Europe — According to figures published by International Data Corporation (IDC), 8.2 million tablets were shipped into Western Europe in the third quarter of 2016 (3Q16), for a 6.7% decline year-over-year (YoY). The main trends in the quarter were the ongoing expansion of detachables (IDC considers the iPad Pro a detachable) and the penetration of tablets in the commercial segment. Apple stayed slightly ahead of Microsoft’s Surface at 21.9% of the market compared to 20.4%.

‘Waning demand for the iPhone’ seems to be a myth — Despite concerns about waning demand for the Phone, the device is still the must-have holiday gift, analyst Gene Munster told CNBC on Monday. In fact, demand is higher than last year.

Rumour reckons the iPhone 8 will have a camera capable of 3D photography — Apple and LG are reportedly working on a camera capable of 3D imaging (think 3D photography) for the iPhone 8 series, according to the International Business Times. The article adds that Apple has “roped in” LinX, which it acquired in April 2015 for camera development for about US$20 million.

Workflow 1.6 for iOS adds features and redesign to win over casual users — Workflow’s new 1.6 release continues the app’s increasing list of capabilities and makes visual refinements to its most-used tools, and is aiming to attract people who are new to automation. AppleInsider examines the new version in detail.