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1970 bricking efforts, VR apps to try now, Taiwanese quake will affect chip production


Apple working on solution for Jan. 1, 1970 iOS ‘bricking’ problem — Last week, it was discovered that setting your iOS device system date and time back to January 1st 1970 would crash your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch effectively “bricking” it (though why you would do this is beyond me). Setting the date back this far would prevent the iPhone or other iOS device from booting up until the battery died. Apple has acknowledged the problem and says an upcoming software update will prevent this issue from affecting iOS devices. If you have this issue, contact Apple Support.

11 great Virtual Reality apps you can try now — The key to VR’s power and growing popularity is presence—the sense of being immersed in time and space regardless of actual location—accomplished by an artful fusion of still images, video, animation, and interactivity viewed through a head-mounted display. This is a Macworld slideshow.

Apple supplier TSMC says Taiwan quake will affect chip production — On February 6, a magnitude-6.4 earthquake rocked Taiwan, killing five people and injuring over 140 more. In the immediate aftermath of the tremor, Apple chip supplier TSMC stated that damage to its fabrication facilities was minimal and that chip shipments would fall less than one percent — in fact, the company noted that it would be able to make up losses. It’s now being reported that fewer chips will ship to clients during the March quarter due to damage more severe than originally estimated.