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Apple launched an official iBooks Instagram account, promotes latest Harry Potter story — Over the weekend, Apple quietly debuted an official Instagram account for the iBooks Store, promoting various new releases including the highly-anticipated stage script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Apple shuttlebus drivers vote in favor of first contract after unionisation — More than 30 drivers who ferry Apple employees to work from off-site parking will not only get previously negotiated wage increases, but will be granted health benefits, pension contributions, vacation time, and overtime.

Ten Mac games — A Macworld slideshow.

Didi buying Uber China could spell opportunity for Apple — Apple’s US$1 billion investment in Didi Chuxing just became more interesting because the ride sharing company is buying rival Uber’s China business in a deal valued at $35 billion. Didi is also investing in Uber outside of China, which means Apple’s interest in the ride sharing market may get a lot bigger.

Mac OS X down, iOS up in July — According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare, the market share for Mac OS X dipped again in July, but iOS rose a bit.

iTunes 12.4.3 update — This appeared this morning with very little supporting information apart from a fix for Playlist changes across devices.

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Samsung has unveiled a teeny-tiny high capacity Flash drive
Samsung has unveiled a teeny-tiny high capacity Flash drive


Get ready for Apple’s WWDC keynote on June 13 at 10am Pacific Time — The time is as per usual, but only Tim Cook and co. know exactly what the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote has in store. People are expecting the latest versions of iOS and OS X to take the spotlight at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, and hopefully some news about the Apple Watch (watchOS 3 or new hardware, perhaps). Since WWDC is primarily a developers conference, Apple’s emphasis is usually on software, but it’s also the launchpad for new products.

10 Mac games — From a deep space exploration and strategy game (Stellaris) to a bonkers indie game about driving a school bus in wondrously wild situations (OmniBus) in this Macworld slideshow.

Yet another Mac bundle — 10 together for 92% off, at US$29.99 instead of $400.96. [Do people use these? I’ll buy one for one or two of the titles and end up uninstalling all the others.]

Samsung unveils 512GB postage stamp-size NVMe SSD, could see use in MacBook — Samsung has just announced production has started for its new PM971-NVMe, a solid state drive that crams non-volatile memory express technology, onboard NAND flash memory, DRAM and an SSD controller into a package slightly larger than a postage stamp.

Can I Stream It — Let’s say that you want to stream a movie on your Mac, iOS device, or Apple TV, but you don’t know if it’s available for streaming. What do you do? Well, you can go to iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and a dozen other sites and search them individually. Or you can do it the easy way and go to Can I Stream It.


Chroma generates colour palettes — Softpress has introduced Chroma for Mac. The US$10 (for a limited time) app generates “well-balanced and complementary colour palettes” from images. Designed exclusively for OS X Yosemite and El Capitan, it emulates the way the human eye perceives colour to create natural looking palettes. Individual colors from palettes can be copied or dragged in various formats, or entire palettes can be exported and integrated with most major design applications and the built-in system colour picker. [I bought it – I’m useless at colour.]

Apple working on first Taiwanese bond sale, new Australian bond offering — Apple is exploring a new bond sale in Australia in light of a successful offering last year, and is also looking at launching its first-ever Taiwanese bonds, a report said on Wednesday.

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The new MacBook shows marginal speed improvements
The new MacBook shows marginal speed improvements except in Final Cut, which showed dramatic improvements (but who would edit in Final Cut on a MacBook?)

NetMarketShare: OS X up substantially in April, while iOS dips again — According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare, the market share for Mac OS X rose in April, while that of iOS dipped.

Watch: Apple’s 2016 MacBook vs. 2015 MacBook in speed test comparison — Apple was able to squeeze out an extra hour of battery life and modest performance gains from its second-generation 12-inch MacBook, but is that enough to warrant an upgrade from the 2015 model? Find out in AppleInsider’s head-to-head video.

Scrivener 2 has 50% off in the Deals Shop today and tomorrow — Anyone thinking about writing a novel should looks at ‘the best Mac app for writing novels and scripts’. Scrivener 2, is on sale for 50% off. That means you get Scrivener 2 for just US$22.50 instead of the usual US$45.

What to do when OS X asks for an old Apple ID — Stop prompts on a hand-me-down computers from asking for a different Apple ID.

10 Mac games — The list includes a game about the Iranian Revolution from 1979, a wild four-player side-scrolling runner in which anything goes, and a soothing game about swinging through ancient ruins on a grappling hook.

Control when and how your Web browser shares your location —
Safari, Firefox, and Chrome can give out your whereabouts, but you can prefer to not opt in.

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Apple to Announce Q1 2016 Results on Tuesday, January 26th — Apple has updated its investor relations page to note that the company will announce its fiscal year 2016 first quarter results (fourth quarter calendar year) on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at 5pm EST (2pm PST). If the company follows precedent, it should release its earnings report shortly after the close of trading (4pm EST), followed by a live call with investors and analysts. Apple offers a live audio stream of its earnings calls, and the public can listen via a link at the company’s website.

Apple security ‘vulnerabilities’ — Recent news that Mac OS is vulnerable is overblown, according to The Macalope.

Apple places second in JD. Power 2015 Wireless Router Satisfaction Report — Apple placed second when it came to customer satisfaction with wireless routers, according to the JD Power 2015 Wireless Router Satisfaction Report. ASUS came in first. Apple routers include the AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, and Time Capsule.

Statuesque and speedy HD — LaCie Chrome is easily one of the fastest portable hard drives in the world.
Everything about this drive absolutely screams excess, in the most glorious way possible. Its aesthetics were crafted by Neil Poulton, a Scottish designer who has won numerous awards.

10 Mac games — The chaotic blasting of Nuclear Throne, frantic bomb-diffusing teamwork of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, and sharp racing action of GRID Autosport lead our latest look at new Mac game releases, but we’ve also got an old strategy classic, a free (and hilarious) narrative experiment, and no less than two games starring birds in unfamiliar roles.

Apple World Today’s NetSpot review — NetSpot collects details about surrounding Wi-Fi networks and presents wireless data as an interactive table. With it you can troubleshoot and improve your network’s coverage, capacity, performance, APs configurations, signal level, interference, noise, etc.

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Steve Jobs promoted opportunities for women at Apple, NeXT — A panel involving several women who worked at Apple and NeXT in the early days of personal computing recently discussed Steve Jobs’ relentless drive to build new products, particularly noting how treated women as equally capable to achieve greatness.

Read it on Tumblr
Read it on Tumblr

Apple’s iTunes Terms and Conditions as a Graphic Novel — Have you ever wondered what Apple’s iTunes Terms and Conditions would look like as a graphic novel? Of course you haven’t. Who would? It’s a crazy thought, so naturally artist and illustrator Robert Sikoryak set out to do it. But to make it even fun, he decided to roll out it one page a time, each in the style of an iconic cartoonist or team of cartoonists.

10 new Mac games — Indie games like Read Only Memories, Mushroom 11, and The Beginner’s Guide have made waves in recent weeks, while Prison Architect finds the unsettling fun in building and maintaining a maximum security facility. Here’s another Macworld slideshow.

Apple issues second beta of OS X 10.11.2 to developers — Testing of OS X 10.11.2 continues, with the second pre-release builds issued to registered developers.

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Slideshow of 10 Mac games
Slideshow of 10 Mac games

Intel announces Skylake processor lineup with new Core M subfamilies, speed & graphics boosts — After months of waiting, Intel on Tuesday officially revealed a bulk of its 6th generation Core processor lineup, with special attention paid to laptops, offering a look at what Apple will likely use in forthcoming MacBook updates. But Apple World Today expects new iMacs next month but no new Mac laptops until early 2016.

Parallels Desktop 11 brings Windows 10, OS X El Capitan to life — A few weeks ago AWT announced the arrival of the latest version of Parallels Desktop, a well-known virtual machine application that makes it simple to run other operating systems as “guests” on Mac OS X. After a few weeks of working with Parallels Desktop 11 (US$79.99, $49.99 upgrade, Pro/Business $99.99 per year), it’s time to see how well the app works. In another story, VMware Fusion 8 Benchmarks vs Fusion 7 and Boot Camp.

Apple’s latest Project Titan hires include staff from diverse automotive backgrounds — In recent weeks Apple has continued to hire more people likely working on Project Titan, its secretive automotive effort, profiles discovered on LinkedIn suggest.

10 Mac games you need to play from August 2015 — Andrew Hayward is always happily surprised by the diverse mix of new Mac games that make up our monthly roundup, but it should be noted: This is really only a fraction of the dozens and dozens of games that hit the platform each month. Seriously, just hit the Steam listings and browse away. But here’s a slideshow of ten.

Excel 2016 for Mac review: spreadsheet app can do the job—as long as you don’t rely on macros — Mac-specific features include multi-touch gestures, full screen support, Retina graphics, a cleaned-up and easily-hidden ribbon, a fixed task pane that replaces floating palettes for formatting, integrated support for OneDrive, and excellent cross-platform file compatibility.

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10 Mac games — June brought another strong selection of new and interesting games spanning a wide array of genres and price points. We’ve got several small, exciting indie games in the mix, including the gripping Her Story and addictive You Must Build a Boat, along with larger-scale experiences like LEGO Jurassic World and Massive Chalice. Give these ten games a look. [Bitmap games just don’t do it for me …]

Solving OS X problems: finding old utilities, removing a partition, and migrating data — Glenn Fleishman answers questions about deauthorizing software, reinstalling AirPort Utility, managing a Fusion drive, and Migration Assistant.

Apple adds TRIM support for aftermarket SSDs in OS X 10.10.4 — Some four years after adding TRIM support for first-party solid state drives to OS X, Apple incorporated the command for aftermarket drives as part of Tuesday’s OS X 10.10.4 update.

What Apple Music Connect needs to succeed — One indie musician says Connect needs to make it easier for artists to publish and promote their work.

How to catch every song Beats 1 plays — An unofficial account called Beats1 Plays live-tweets every track that’s being played on Beats 1.

Apple Music offers a peek into the future of Apple Inc, and its stark contrast to Google and Microsoft — Daniel Eran Dilger reckons the launch of Apple Music demonstrated that Apple can competently execute outside of its core hardware business. That has implications for its future ambitions in TV and automotive, as well as highlighting the vast gulf between it, Google and Microsoft.

Prince pulls out of many streams — Prince isn’t just shunning Apple: he just pulled his entire catalogue from every service but Tidal and Google Play. There’s speculation whether Google will also take down Prince’s catalogue but Spotify, Rdio, and Deezer have all complied with takedown requests from Prince’s camp.

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China is a fast-growing gold mine for Apple — Designed by Apple in California, but increasingly, Apple’s gadgets are being sold far from its Cupertino headquarters. In the first three months of this year, iPhone sales in China surpassed those in the US for the first time. Also for the first time, China jumped ahead of Europe as Apple’s biggest overall market after the Americas.

Russian politician wants Apple’s U2 album giveaway investigated as gay propaganda — Russian politician Alexander Starovoitov, a member of the rightwing LDPR party, is accusing Apple of distributing pro-gay propaganda to minors with its U2 album giveaway. That’s the same album, Songs of Innocence, that was a thing back in September of 2014, but a new version of the album cover has homophobes in Russia freaking out. [Really, it takes very little to freak a homophobe out.]

10 Mac games for May — Action. Adventure. Space travel. Bread. April’s selection has gorgeous adventures, tough-as-nails action, tense shooting, brainy space travel tinkering, and even a game about playable bread — and that’s just the first half of the list.

US Apple accessory sales — US$49 Super Drives, $59 MacBook Power Adapters, $5 MagSafe converters, $45 Magic Trackpads, Mice & Keyboards, $69 AirPort Express … From now until May 6th, one of Apple’s authorised resellers is offering the lowest prices of the year on a wide assortment of official Apple-branded accessories including AirPort Base Stations (from $69), Keyboards ($45), Mice ($45), Super Drives ($45), MacBook Power Adapters ($59), and several Lightening, USB, FireWire, VGA, DVI, SD Card & Gigabit Ethernet adapters ($19). [Remember if you order anything from here, there are exchange rates and associated fees, shipping and anything that needs a power adapter will come with a US plug.]