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RedesignedHow to buy stuff on Apple’s redesigned website — Apple gave its website a major overhaul that does away with the distinct online store we’ve known for years. That means you can’t use the store.apple.com subdomain and browse products; instead, you now find buy buttons scattered around the Apple site that let you add products to your shopping bag. Read on to see how Apple’s new shopping experience works.

Apple’s Swift programming language translated to Mandarin Chinese thanks to open source project — Coding for Apple devices just got a little easier for thousands of developers in China, as a group of more than 100 programmers recently wrapped up an open source Mandarin Chinese translation of Apple’s Swift programming language.

Swift’s profound effect on App Camp for Girls — Apple’s Swift programming language has earned praise from developers the world over, but the power and simplicity of this new programming language was brought home by the profound impact it had on July’s App Camp for Girls. We finished the apps in this year’s App Camp so fast, it was as if we got an extra day with our young developers.

It’s time for Apple to consider pixel quality as well as pixel quantity — The TV/computer screen buzz lately is about Ultra High Def/4K displays. However, when considering new monitors (and, hey Apple, where’s our 5K Thunderbolt Display?) and upcoming iMacs, perhaps Apple should think about pixel quality as well as pixel quantity.

10 interesting Mac apps — That’s a slideshow at Macworld.

4 top El Capitan features — The Mac Observer for that one.

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How the Napa quake was registered by iOS users with Jawbone
How the Napa quake was registered by iOS users with Jawbone

The 10 apps every college student needs to have — You can make the transition to university a lot smoother with some useful digital tools. The apps below will help you with everything from saving money to finding food to getting to class on time.

Writing Wizard makes writing appear like magic — Practicing letter forms can be quite a chore, but Writing Wizard makes it a magical experience anywhere. At NZ3.79 on the App Store, this universal app is a terrific value for your iPhone and/or iPad while children are kept engaged in the task of tracing using various methods of coaching and incentives.

Apple manufacturing costs spike to highest-ever levels, seen signalling huge ‘iPhone 6’ & ‘iWatch’ launches (and other rumours)— Apple’s manufacturing and component purchase commitments reached a record $15.4 billion last quarter, leading one analyst to tell investors on Monday that Apple is gearing up for a blockbuster fall with the launch of an “iPhone 6” and rumoured “iWatch.”
Another rumour says Apple is working on 16nm FinFET A9 chips, what’s ‘Phosphorous‘.

See how the Napa earthquake affected Jawbone users’ sleep — If you’re one of the many iPhone users with a Jawbone UP strapped to your wrist, you might be used to seeing pretty standard peaks and valleys on your sleep charts. Not so for many in Northern California who were awoken by the rumblings of one of the largest earthquakes to hit the area in several decades – and the consolidated sleep data (main picture) is actually pretty cool to look at.

How to view desktop versions of websites on an iPhone — Macworld tells you how.

Your complete guide to every Apple TV channel, A to Z — Macworld sat down with Apple’s teeny remote and combed through the entire set of offerings to help you decide whether Apple TV is for you [but note that not all channels are available in NZ, for example there are no TV series so far.]

Star Walk 2 mostly improves on the original — Star Walk 2 (NZ$3.79 with in-app purchases) is a solid update from the original award winning Star Walk astronomy program. This new version has a re-designed interface with the look and feel of each element beautifully crafted and drawing you into the inner workings of the app.