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What to expect from the Core M Processor in the New MacBook — Apple’s new MacBook, to be released on April 10, is compact, low in weight and full of new features. But will that low-power Core M processor have enough computing punch for most users? John Martellaro tried to work it out. [The MacBook air uses a low-power CPU but in combination with a very fast Flash Drive, it works out.]

Don’t be fooled by April — Apple Matters on iStart.

Apple seeds OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite beta with tweaked Photos app — Apple has pushed out to developers and public beta testers a fresh OS X 10.10.3 version, building on recent releases introducing a new Photos app and APIs for MacBook Force Touch capabilities.

Apple to announce Q2 2015 earnings on April 27th — Apple today updated its investor relations page to confirm it will announce its quarterly earnings for Q2 2015 on Monday April 27th.

Tesla will announce a new product line on April 30th and it won’t be a car — Tesla BatteryTesla announced Monday that it will unveil a new product on April 30th. CEO Elon Musk tweeted that his company would unveil a new product line at 8:00 PM PDT at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California. He made a point of stressing it wasn’t a car, and speculation is that it will be a stationary battery storage system.

Desk version 1.3 adds features, squashes bugs — Developer John Saddington is a very busy guy. About a month ago he released version 1.2 of his popular Desk text/Markdown editor for OS X (NZ$38.99) to the Mac App Store, and now he’s just finished version 1.3.

Apple Maps Connect services have branched out to Italy, Mexicoand Switzerland — Apple has expanded the reach of its Maps Connect service for small businesses to three more countries, namely Italy, Mexico, and Switzerland. The Maps Connect portal lets smaller companies submit and edit a Maps listing without having to enter into a complex arrangement with Apple. The goal has been to make Apple Maps more competitive with Google Maps in terms of helping customers find local shops and services. Other regions include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, and the UK.

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Exclusive March aerial tour of Apple Inc’s Campus 2 shows ‘Spaceship’ Ring, tunnel, theatre progress, more — Apple’s Campus 2 mega-project continues to progress on its Spaceship Ring, where concrete panels are filling out a floor. Tunnels that will connect to parking garages are emerging, the first parking structure is getting its finishing steps before the installation of solar panels. [I bet there’s a bunker somewhere, too.]

Chrome viewer for Omnigraffle — Two years after the release of a free Visio viewer Lucidchart, an online diagramming application, has followed up with the release of a free OmniGraffle viewer.
Anyone can view OmniGraffle (.graffle) files, whether those files are stored locally, online, or sent as email attachments in Gmail.
Users who open a free Lucidchart account can start editing OmniGraffle files online.
Lucidchart is a visual communication platform comparable to OmniGraffle, but it’s cloud-based, meaning that team members can collaborate in real time and access their files on a variety of devices and platforms.

Apple issues new OS X 10.10.3 beta, fixing bug that affected latest MacBooks — Only a few days after the previous build was issued to developers, Apple has provided a new beta of OS X 10.10.3, addressing a crashing bug that affected the newly released 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Do it yourself guide to squashing Accessibility bugs — Apple’s Accessibility Department has a long track record of using customer feedback to drive improvement. Here’s how to add yours.

Facebook clarifies rules for content, including definition of nudity and hate speech — Facebook has released a new version of its community standards, defining in detail what it means by offensive content on issues such as nudity, bullying and hate speech.

Making DVDs from old iMovie projects and slideshows — Glenn Fleishman at Macworld tells you how.