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MagBytes 79 ~ iPhone 7, iOS 10, Apple Watch Series 2 and tips, tricks, comment and more


MagBytes 79 for September 2016 is here! (That’s just an image of it, above – read on for the download link.)

Download the PDF below for 16 pages off news, tips, tricks, comment and new products. Remember, this is absolutely free.

Here it is —> MagBytes 79 for September 2016 (on Mac, hold down the Control key and click on this link for a pop-out menu that lets you download the file. On iPad/iPhone, hold your finger on the link and choose Open With … – you can save this to iBooks, for example, which is a handy media reader and library app.)

MagBytes 78 ~ more news, tips and tricks for August 2016

MB78Here it is (it looks like that
<—) people, MagBytes 78, with a roundup of the latest Apple, Mac and iOS news for August, plus  tips, tricks and some new products.

Download it from THIS LINK —> Issue78Aug16 <—

MagBytes 76

MagBytes76CoverThe latest in news, tips and views from the world of Apple, including a new section, ‘Apple & Talk’, a selection of commentary articles from the Mac NZ Tuesday Talk columns. (Posted early as I’m busy the rest of today.)

Download it from THIS LINK —> Issue76June16

If you click that link, your browser will probably open the PDF in a browser window. On a Mac, if you hold down the Control key and click that link, you can download the file to your Mac to read later. On iPad/iPhone, long-press/tap-and-hold on the attachment to bring up the Share sheet, then tap on Save Attachment.
There’s more about how to do this at this link.

Comments, suggestions, advice always welcome: email me


MagBytes 74 for April 2016

MB74Longer than usual as I was away in March and could not get connected reliably, this issue should make up for that with a lavish load of tips.

Download it in PDF form from this link – it looks a lot like this thumbnail at top left only it’s readable text and it’s linked up like crazy.

HERE’S THE LINK ———> Issue74Apr16
(Right-click or Control-click that to select where to download this file; if you just click or tap it, it will simply display in your browser. On iPad, hold your fingertip on the link for a few seconds to get options.)

MagBytes 71 ~ December 2015

Mb71Here is a nice end-of-year MagBytes special for you, with the usual news, updates, help and tips, plus a roundup of what hardware and software I’ve stuck with over 2015.

Download MagBytes 71
from this link  —> MagBytes 71

(Right-click or hold down the Command key and click the link above and choose Download Linked File or Download Linked File As …)

MagBytes 70

Issue 70 looks like this ...
Issue 70 looks like this … handy, right?

Goodness, 70 issues already. This one has a much larger Shiny&New section with some gift ideas. I know I want all of them, anyway. (All the best for the New Year, holidays etc in case I don’t manage to get a December issue out. Counter to accepted wisdom, I think New Zealand’s in for a stonking summer.

An editor of a magazine once told me that he didn’t use exclamation marks as ‘only bad writers used them’ … I replied ‘You should use them liberally, then.’

As always, feedback and suggestions always welcome.

Here it is – download it from the link below (click on the link, arrowed, to view in your browser, or right-click/Control click to download the PDF to your device

—>) MagBytes Issue 70 Nov 2015
(for iPad users, hold your finger on the link for a few seconds for download options.)