The Apocalypticon ~ New heights of rubbish

Tribal Climate Emergency — An indigenous community in Canada’s Yukon territory, where the planet is warming fastest, recently declared a climate emergency. In fact, they are the first indigenous peoples to do so — and that’s major.

Killing yourself eating — If you’re living somewhere that’s not warming as fast, you could be killing yourself by what you eat, instead. Heavily processed food like ready meals and ice-cream linked to early death. Obese seniors, by the way, have a higher risk of experiencing physical limitations in old age.

Speaking of rubbish — Malaysia is shipping thousands of tons of the world’s plastic rubbish back to where it came from, the food delivery trend in China is drowning the country in plastic and US parents are spending thousands on YouTube camps that teach kids how to be famous [a new height of vacuity].

Thought garbage — The San Francisco Police Officers’ Association is calling for the city’s police chief, William Scott, to resign over the raid of a freelance journalist’s home and office.
Uber posts massive losses while under-paying its drivers as its CEO takes home $75 million a year. Uber posted losses of $1 billion over the previous quarter, more or less matching investor expectations, because sending the GDP of Vanuatu off a cliff every three months is Uber’s current business model, more or less.
IBM has been flogging the latest facial recognition tech to a dictatorship, fake LinkedIn profiles are undetectable, Indian parents agonise over the radicalisation of their kids,

In good (?) news, single women are happier and live longer, London police officers were called to investigate a “possible unexploded device” washed onto the bank of the River Thames and found a giant Christmas decoration and New Zealand has introduced the Global Impact Visa which is as much about intellectual renewal and generating positive vibes as economic impact.