iPhone X gestures, wallpapers with notch

Video of all iPhone X gestures and interactions in under 5 minutes — The home button is now a thing of the past with Apple’s flagship iPhone X, leaving users with new gestures and interactions to get the job done. AppleInsider shows you all of the new iPhone X gestures and interactions, including Reachability Mode.

Template avoids the iPhone X Notch in custom wallpapers — Designing around the iPhone X display notch when designing custom wallpapers can be a little annoying if you aren’t exactly sure how much of your graphic it’ll hide. The Mac Observer has a free template that takes out the guess work, and it’s free to download.
The notch is the back area at the top of the iPhone X display where the front-facing cameras and Face ID sensors sit. The image on the display wraps up on either side of the notch making the horns. You can see your wallpaper in the horns, but not the notch.