iPhone 8 sales like ‘s’, iPhone 8 Plus camera, Google Pixel burn-in

With iPhone X imminent, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus selling close to what an ‘iPhone 7s’ would — New data collated from the retail chain suggests that the iPhone 8 Plus outsold the iPhone 8 in September, with the pair grabbing 10% and 8% of total US iPhone sales across the entirety of the third calendar quarter, with the pair only available for eight days of the measurement period.
In a report seen by AppleInsider, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has examined the retail chain in the United States, and are seeing expectedly soft sales of the iPhone 8, likely in anticipation of the iPhone X. The company notes that the share of total sales make the iPhone 8 family release look more like an ‘s’ model — but this also appears to be by Apple’s design.

iPhone 8 Plus vs LG G6: which has the best camera in a smartphone? Last year, Apple failed to take the top spot in Tech Connect’s four-way smartphone camera shootout between the iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20, Google Pixel XL, and Samsung Galaxy S7. But this year’s iPhone 8 Plus includes some major improvements over the iPhone 7 Plus, and looks perfectly positioned to take on the LG G6, TC’s current pick for best smartphone camera. [Conclusion is the iPhone 8+ is the clear winner, but there’s a lot of detail and lots of gratuitous shots of a young woman before you get to that conclusion.]

Google Pixel 2 XL reviewers reporting screen burn-in problems — Some reviewers of Google’s new Pixel 2 XL have reported problems with screen burn-in. Multiple people have reported it, including AndroidCentral and The Verge, and it could indicate a significant problem for Google.