BNZ Apple Pay, iPhone 8+ camera, Reachability quirk

Apple Insider directly compares the iPhone 8 Plus camera iPhone 7 Plus

BNZ second bank to support Apple Pay in New Zealand — The Bank of New Zealand, better known as BNZ, has announced it will become the second major financial institution to support Apple Pay in New Zealand, further expanding the fledgling payment solution’s reach into smaller international markets. BNZ has yet to announce a date for its introduction, though.

Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus cameras compared in a video — Though the cameras in Apple’s latest iPhones boast the same megapixel count as last year’s models, the new devices sport greatly improved internal components, from ‘deeper’ pixels to an upgraded image signal processor. See how the new hardware compares to its predecessor in this video.

Apple to fix iOS 11 Reachability quirk that restricts Cover Sheet pulldown, report says — Apple is reportedly working on a fix for an iOS 11 behaviour that prohibits users from easily accessing the new Cover Sheet screen, a melding of the Lock Screen and Notification Center, when in Reachability mode.