No free apps, free app, Microsoft ditches Windows 10 Mobile

Free iOS App of the Week Promotion Gone in iOS 11 — It seems the Free iOS App of the Week is gone in iOS 11. Apple started this back in 2012 as a way to paid apps that people may not otherwise buy. Apple showcased the app on the front page of the App Store. Once you downloaded it for free, it was in your purchased history. Even when the promotion ended you could still re-download it.
The App Store saw a big design overhaul in iOS 11. Games and apps are now in different categories, and there is a new Today tab. It shows behind-the-scenes app details, tips and tricks, and more. Instead of a free iOS app of the week, there is now an App of the Day, and a Game of the Day.

AR Tape Measure 2.0 is free from It’s About Time Products — Apple’s ARKit is a framework that’s part of iOS 11 that lets developers create augmented reality (AR) experiences for the iPhone and iPad. One of the first developers we knew of that created AR apps was this week’s sponsor, It’s About Time Products, and Apple World Today is happy to tell you about the free AR Tape Measure 2.0 app. However, it only works on newer iPhones (not my 6, but 6s-on) so I can’t even tell you if it does metric.

Microsoft pulls plug on Windows 10 Mobile, says userbase too small to support apps — Having long struggled for marketshare versus the Apple iPhone and Google Android devices, Microsoft is effectively giving up on Windows 10 Mobile for the time being, a company executive said over the weekend.